Atlantis, Utopia & Ulvedrømmer

Cellist Marianne Baudouin Lie’s solo album on Particular Recordings.

Atlantis, Utopia and Ulvedrømmer is a project where cellist Marianne Baudouin Lie plays works for solo cello and her own voice. These works explore speech and the singing voice as an extension of the instrument’s sound world and expression. The cello is the instrument that may be closest to the voice, and some works have been composed using this, but the fact that it is the cellist’s own voice used for coloring is unusual and creates an unexpected closeness in the expression. The goal is not to make the song appear as a beautiful song, but it creates its own sound in interaction with the cello and can be both singing, speaking, whistling and sounds.

Works by Eirik Hegdal, Ellen Lindquist, Stine Sørlie, Lene Grenager and Maja S. K. Ratkje.

On this album: To F

Buy album at Lawo Store. Released August 1, 2020

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