Activities as performer before this site

27. aug 2010 SPUNK at Festival meteo, Mulhouse, France.
26. aug 2010 Solo at Festival meteo, Mulhouse, France.
18. aug 2010 Slugfield (Marhaug/Nilssen-Love/Ratkje) at Mono under Oslo Jazz Festival.
17. aug 2010 Trio (Truge) with Guro Moe and Else Olsen S under Oslo Jazz Festival, performing the work “Skygger”.
1. aug 2010 “Passing images” arranged for musicians at Stangvikfestivalen by Frode Haltli in concert at Stangvik Kyrkje.
29. jul 2010 Concert with POING at Stangvikfestivalen, Todalsøra. Ekelöf-tangos with guest Trygve Brøske on piano.
29. may 2010 Duo with Stephen O’Malley at Bad Bonn Kilbi, Switzerland.
27. may 2010 Concert with Frode Haltli’s Passing Images-quartet in Brugge, Belgium.
30. apr 2010 “Wach auf!” with POING and Maja Ratkje at Soddjazz, Inderøya.
24. apr 2010 Performance: “Mother”, with dancers Pernille Bønkan and Siri Jøntvedt at The Villa, Oslo.
19. apr 2010 Performs excerpt from “Birds and Traces” with Frode Haltli at Kickoff-party at Parkteateret, Oslo, for the Norwegian people’s movement to protect the nature around Lofoten from oil industry.
16. apr 2010 Trinacria at the Roadburn festival.
14. apr 2010 Ikue Mori, Håvard Skaset and Maja S. K. Ratkje at Victoria, Oslo.
10. apr 2010 Duo performance with Frode Haltli at opening of exhibition by Tore Hansen at Lillehammer Art Museum.
8. apr 2010 Frode Haltli, Atle Sponberg and Maja Ratkje in Oppegård kirke, Svartskog. Works by Ratkje/Haltli, Bach, Piazolla, Grieg.
7. apr 2010 SPUNK at Victoria, Oslo.
15. mar 2010-20. mar 2010 Premiere of “Birds & Traces”, a concert installation and three other installations, among them “Dancing Cranes”. All by Ratkje and Kathy Hinde. Performed by Ratkje, Hild, Frode Haltli and local school children at Faster Than Sound, Snape Maltings, East Suffolk, UK.
14. mar 2010 Duo with Joëlle Leandre in Berlin.
5. mar 2010 Solo at Norway House, Houston, Texas.
16. feb 2010-18. feb 2010 Premiere of “A Safe Place to Die” by Agrare in Stockholm. Performance also on the 18th.
10. feb 2010 Duo with Paal Nilssen-Love at Victoria, Oslo.
21. jan 2010 Duo with Lasse Marhaug, shared concert with Sunn O))) at Chateau Neuf, Oslo.
13. dec 2009 POING’s anual Christmas concert. Sings “There must be an angel” (Eurythmics) in black angel costume.
28. nov 2009 Performinc Pauline Oliveros “Horse Sings from Cloud” in Markus cathedral, Oslo. Performers: Pauline Oliveros,Tony Dryer, Guro Moe, Jacob Felix Heule, Børre Mølstad, Kristin Andersen, Lisa Dillan, Frode Haltli, Maja Ratkje, Sigyn Fossnes, Harald Fetveit, Håvard Skaset, Michael Duch, Kristain Skårbrevik, Mia Göran, Yoann Pencolé, Yngvild Aspeli, Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, Else Olsen S.
26. nov 2009 “Liquid Vapor”, a performance at The Norwegian Opera foyer by Else Olsen S. In collaboration with all performers: Pauline Oliveros, accordion and EIS, Guro Moe, double bass etc., Maja Ratkje, voice, theremin etc., Victoria Johnson, el-violin etc., Alexander Refsum Jensenius, sounds and silences, Yoann Pencolé and Yngvild Aspeli, dolls and acting, Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, light design. Else Olsen S., prepared piano, Toy Orchestra etc. Based on the research in thermodynamics by Signe Kjelstrup.
7. nov 2009 Phantom Orchard Orchestra (Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins with Sara Parkins, Maggie Parkins, Shayna Dunkelman, Maja S. K. Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord at Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria.
6. nov 2009 SPUNK at Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria.
6. nov 2009 Participating in Zorn’s ‘Cobra’ at Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria.
30. sep 2009 Duo with Jaap Blonk, Victoria, Oslo.
27. sep 2009 Solo at Henie Onstad Art Centre.
24. sep 2009 Outdoor jam with Jon Halvor Bjørnset and Johannes Berkmark at Akerselva, Oslo.
20. sep 2009 Das wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 9, Hønse-Lovisas hus, Oslo. Concert start: 20:09.
14. sep 2009 SPUNK performs two concerts at Emanuel Vigeland’s Mausoleum in Oslo. 18 and 20. Limited audience.
3. sep 2009 Solo at the Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway.
18. jul 2009 Duo with Joëlle Leandre at Molde Jazz Festival, Norway.
16. jul 2009 Solo at Pori Jazz Festival, Finland.
27. jun 2009 Solo performance under Weltklang – Nacht der Poesie, Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
24. jun 2009 Duo with Joëlle Leandre in Besancon, France.
16. jun 2009 Solo at Podium, Oslo.
5. jun 2009 Theremin performance in collaboration with Drivhuset, Teknisk Museum, Oslo.
10. may 2009 Release concert at the Henie Onstad Art Centre for the album Kantarell by SPUNK.
30. apr 2009 POING and Maja performes worker’s songs at Tranen, Oslo.
20. mar 2009 POING and Maja performs “Wach Auf!” (Brecht/Weill and other workers’ songs) at Concertgebouw Club, Brugge, Belgium.
18. mar 2009 Frode Haltli’s p’passing images’ quartet in Zürich. (Garth Knox, Maja Ratkje, Arve Henriksen ad Frode Haltli.)
16. mar 2009 Live voice improvisation over telephone with Maskinanlegg and friends at Sound of Mu, Oslo.
13. mar 2009 “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” performed by Ratkje and Trondheim Sinfonietta at Dokkhuset, Trondheim.
18. jan 2009 Passing Images Quartet (Frode Haltli, Garth Knox, Arve Henriksen and Maja Ratkje) in Zürich.
27. nov 2008-30. nov 2008 SWR2 New Jazz Meeting with Zeena Parkins’ and Ikue Mori’s Phantom Orchard Orchestra in Baden-Baden. Concerts in Baden-Baden (public dress rehearsal) 27.11., Tollhaus Karlsruhe 28.11., Gare du Nord (Basel) 29.11. and Frankfurter Hof Mainz 30.11. With musicians Shayna Dunkelman, Margaret Parkins, Sara Parkins, Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja Ratkje.
15. nov 2008 Solo concert at Kunstnernes Hus, 14:00 at the Per Inge Bjørlo exhibition.
14. nov 2008 Duo with Lasse Marhaug at a Art Council Norway conference.
24. oct 2008-25. oct 2008 Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 present a two day festival based around Stockhausen’s “Aus den Sieben Tagen” (From the Seven Days): Cut and Splice. Under the Artistic direction of Anton Lukoszevieze performers will include David Behrman, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Reinhold Friedl, Frank Gratkowski, Robin Hayward, Apartment House, Seth Josel, Aleks Kolkowski, Phil Minton, Maja Ratkje, Twentytwentyone, Mark Wastell, Marc Weiser, Nikos Veliotis, Michael Vorfeld.
18. oct 2008 Acoustic voice performance at Ultra Eczema Galmbal in Brussels.
3. oct 2008 Maja Ratkje/Jaap Blonk Duo in Krems, Austria.
23. aug 2008 Premiere of SPUNK’s commissioned concert installation, “LYS”, for the Henie Onstad Art Centre’s 40 years anniversary.
20. aug 2008 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 8, at the roof of the new Norwegian Opera, Oslo.
1. aug 2008-10. aug 2008 Composer in residence at Nordland Music Festival, Bodø, Norway: Premiere of SPUNK’s new sound/video installation REIR 01.08., Theremin performance at the city square and “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” performed by Ratkje and Bodø Sinfonietta 02.08., concert performance with the trio POING, also including Ratkje’s work “essentila extensions” 02.08., “passing images” performed by Frode Haltli 03.08., concert with SPUNK 03.08., First performance of “HVIL” with text by Aasne Linnestå, performed by Marianne Beate Kielland (mezzo) and Nils Mortensen (piano) 06.08., “gagaku variations” performed by Frode Haltli and Engegårdkvartetten 10.08.
18. jul 2008 SPUNK at Konfrontationen, Nickelsdorf, Austria.
13. jul 2008 Duo with Jaap Blonk at the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Netherlands.
20. jun 2008 Solo at Marienborg, Trondheim.
14. jun 2008 SPUNK feat. Guro Skumsnes Moe at The Villa, Oslo.
12. jun 2008 Duo with Joëlle Leandre at Bouffes du Nord in Paris.
30. may 2008 Slugfield (Maja Ratkje, Paal Nilssen-Love, Lasse Marhaug) at Nattjazz, Bergen.
17. may 2008 SPUNK at FIMAV, Victoriaville, Canada.
10. may 2008 Solo at the MADE festival in Umeå, Sweden.
6. may 2008 Maja solo, Les Halles, Brussels, Belgium.
30. apr 2008 “Wach auf!” with Maja, POING and guests at Tranen, Oslo.
25. apr 2008 Maja solo at La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
23. apr 2008 Solo at Blå, Oslo.
30. mar 2008 Maja solo at GRM, Paris.
20. mar 2008 Solo at Blå Grotte, Fredrikstad, Norway.
3. mar 2008 SPUNK feat. Joelle Leandre at Belleville, Oslo.
23. feb 2008 Maja solo and with Phil Minton in Stavanger, Norway.
22. feb 2008 All Ears Band at By:Larm, Belleville, Oslo.
15. feb 2008 Maja Ratkje, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm and Frode Haltli at the Våler skolekorps anniversary, Våler, Norway.
1. feb 2008 Affinis ensemble and Ratkje does Brecht/Weill at a lunch concert and Frode Haltli/Maja Ratkje performs at the festival evening venue at the Ilios festival in Harstad, Norway.
31. jan 2008 Concerts with Frode Haltli ‘Passing Images’ quartet at the Ilios festival in Harstad, featuring Maja Ratkje, Arve Henriksen and Garth Knox.
24. jan 2008 Guest performance with Jørn Simen Øverli trio (with Arve Henriksen and Stian Carstensen), at Vysotskij’s 70 years anniversary at Litteraturhuset, Oslo.
3. jan 2008 Programme release concert for the All Ears festival. Quartet consisting of the board: Paal Nilssen-Love, Lasse Marhaug, Kjetil Møster and Maja Ratkje.
13. dec 2007 Guest performance at POING’s Christmas show at Parkteateret, Oslo.
25. nov 2007 Concerts with Frode Haltli ‘Passing Images’ quartet at the Huddersfield Festival in UK, featuring Maja Ratkje, Arve Henriksen and Garth Knox.
9. nov 2007-12. nov 2007 Concerts with Frode Haltli ‘Passing Images’ quartet in US, featuring Maja Ratkje, Nils Oekland and Daryll Harper: 09.11. Getty Center, LA; 10.11. William and Nadine McGuire Theater, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; 11.11. Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center; 12.11. Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
14. oct 2007 SPUNK performs “Fire rare påfunn” for children at Parkteateret during the Ultima festival in Oslo.
13. oct 2007 “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” with Maja and Oslo Sinfonietta at the Ultima festival, Oslo.
4. oct 2007 Solo voice concert under a project lead by Institute of Living Voice in Stavanger, Norway.
19. sep 2007-29. sep 2007 Trinacria on tour in Norway: Bergen, USF Verftet 19.09., Sandnes Kulturhus 20.09., Kristiansand, Kick 21.09., Fredrikstad, St. Croix Huset 22.09., Oslo, John Dee 25.09., Arendal Kulturhus 26.09., Hamar, Hydranten 27.09., Trondheim, Blæst 28.09., Notodden, Stua 29.09.
8. sep 2007 SPUNK performs live at DIAL-A-DIVA, a globe spanning telephone performance.
18. aug 2007 Concert with POING, Ratkje and Rolf Lislevand under Oslo Chamber Music Festival at Villa Grande, Oslo.
28. jul 2007 Duo with Bo Anders Persson (Träd Gräs och Stenar) at Utmarksmusikken, Sweden.
20. jul 2007 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 7, Akerselva, Oslo.
6. jul 2007 Concert with music by Maja Ratkje performed by Ratkje, Oslo Sinfonietta and POING at Kongsberg Jazz Festival. “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” performed in Norway for the first time.
4. jul 2007 Trinacria performs at Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
7. may 2007 Trio with Else Olsen S and Guro S Moe at Beleville, Oslo.
30. apr 2007 “Wach auf!” Concert with Maja and POING at Tranen, Oslo. Brecht/Weill and more.
28. apr 2007 SPUNK at Sound of Mu, Oslo.
14. apr 2007 POING and Maja at the 30 years anniversary for the radical newspaper Klassekampen. Fabrikken, Oslo.
12. apr 2007 Theremin performance at the shopping centre Oslo City during the Happy Days festival.
5. apr 2007 Trinacria performs at the Inferno Festival, Oslo. Debut concert.
30. mar 2007 SPUNK performs at Banlieues Bleues, France.
29. mar 2007 SPUNK performs in Brest, France.
22. mar 2007-23. mar 2007 Agrare performs “Carrying our ears and eyes in small bags” at Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
14. mar 2007 “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” in Vienna, performed by Klangforum Wien with Ratkje as a soloist. Conductor: Matthias Pintscher.
9. mar 2007-11. mar 2007 Agrare performs “Carrying our ears and eyes in small bags” at Black Box, Oslo.
28. feb 2007 Premiere of “Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb)” in Graz, performed by Klangforum Wien with Ratkje as a soloist. Conductor: Matthias Pintscher.
27. jan 2007 Solo voice and electronics for the opening of the Grieg anniversary at Nordlysfestivalen, Tromsø.
14. jan 2007 Duo with Morten Olsen (drums and electronics) at Rekord, Oslo. Part of the unanounced all Ears closing party.
11. jan 2007 SPUNK performs in Stavanger for the opening of ‘The Year of the Voice’.
4. jan 2007 Pre-All Ears concert with the festival organisers, known as The All Ears Band.
17. dec 2006 POING performs music by and with Maja Ratkje at National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington.
15. dec 2006 POING performs at the Tonic, New York, with guests Yumiko Tanaka, Else Olsen S and Maja Ratkje. Music by Ratkje and others.
13. dec 2006 Solo at The Kitchen, NY.
12. dec 2006 POING performs music by and with Maja Ratkje at the Bond Chapel, University of Chicago.
11. dec 2006 POING performs music by and with Maja Ratkje at Hotcakes Gallery, Milwaukee.
9. dec 2006 POING performs music by and with Maja Ratkje at the Other Minds Festival in San Francisco.
17. oct 2006 Weill/Brecht and other songs with Maja and POING at Cultura, Reykjavik.
13. oct 2006 Maja Ratkje, on theremin and vocals, performs music by Lars Petter Hagen with Rolf-Erik Nystrøm and the Kaput Ensemble and others at the Nordic Music Days on Iceland.
12. oct 2006-22. oct 2006 “We have arrived”. Premiere and performances with the Icelandic Dance Company, Reykjavik. Choreography by Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, music by Áskell Masson, and Maja Ratkje who also performs in the piece. Dates: Oct. 12., 13., 15., 19., 20. and 22.
21. sep 2006 Maja solo and with Matmos in Århus, Denmark.
18. sep 2006 Concert with SPUNK in an industrial tank in Slemmestad, Oslo. Art exhibition.
31. aug 2006-12. sep 2006 Premiere and performances of new piece by Agrare: “Carrying our ears and eyes in small bags”. Inkonst, Malmö 31.08. and 1.09., Pustervik, Göteborg 8.09. and 9.09., Nya Perspektiv, Västerås 12.09. All in Sweden.
9. aug 2006 SPUNK at Øyafestivalen, Oslo.
29. jul 2006 Solo at Månefestivalen, Fredrikstad.
27. jul 2006 Fe-mail with Pekka Kuusisto at the St. Olav’s Festival in Trondheim.
15. jul 2006 Improvised music and poetry with Li Tie Qiao (sax), Martin Hauglid (reading) and Ratkje (voice and various) at Cafe Con Bar, Oslo.
30. jun 2006-1. jul 2006 Two concerts with Fe-mail at Vancouver Jazz Festival.
24. jun 2006 “White Elephant” by Joseph Byrd, featuring SPUNK and Dreams of Tall Buildings. Manchester Expo, Manchester, UK.
20. jun 2006 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 6, Nakholmen, Oslo.
15. jun 2006 Maja performs Brecht/Weill and other worker’s songs with POING at Kirkefestspillene in Kristiansand.
14. jun 2006 Maja short solo as a part of the opening concert of a chamber music festival in Kristiansand.
3. jun 2006 Agrare at Bath International Music Festival, UK.
2. jun 2006 Maja solo at Bath International Music Festival, UK.
21. may 2006 Fe-mail in Victoriaville, Canada.
14. may 2006 SPUNK at PÖNK, Mono, Oslo.
13. may 2006 SPUNK at Ståoppjazz, Bergen.
30. apr 2006 “Wach auf!” POING & Maja Ratkje doing the expanded program of workers’ songs at Tranen, Oslo.
20. apr 2006-29. apr 2006 “Blixter Toad” tour, Fe-mail in Norway: Tromsø 20.04. (kulturhuset), Bergen 22.04. (Kameleon), Oslo 28.04. (Fabrikken), Stavanger 29.04. (TOU scene).
6. apr 2006-8. apr 2006 Fe-mail on tour in Switzerland with ‘The same girl’. 06.04. Lausanne at Le Bourg, 07.04. Düdingen at BadBonn, 08.04. Geneva at Cave12.
26. mar 2006 Performance with Øyvind Berg at Landmark in the concert series SnikkSnakk, Bergen, Norway.
12. mar 2006 Fe-mail at IDEAL festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
9. mar 2006 Agrare presents new work at BLÅ, Oslo.
5. mar 2006 Performance “Find 5 musicians” with Agrare + Amit Sen and Per Svensson at Ystad Art Museum.
25. feb 2006 Fe-mail at the Sonic Acts Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam.
24. feb 2006 Fe-mail and MoHa! at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.
29. jan 2006 Solo at Empty Bottle, Chicago.
27. jan 2006 Solo at the CEAIT Festival at REDCAT, Los Angeles.
21. jan 2006 SPUNK’s 10 years anniversary celebration, concert with guests, historical exhibition and performance at BLÅ, Oslo.
15. jan 2006 Norwegian Noise Orchestra at Spasibar, Oslo.
5. jan 2006 Release concert for All Ears program. Concert with Paal Nilssen-Love, Lasse Marhaug, Kjetil Møster and Maja S. K. Ratkje at BLÅ, Oslo.
16. dec 2005 Fe-mail at the MEM festival in Bilbao.
12. dec 2005 Featured guest in the POING Xmas show at Parkteateret, Oslo.
2. dec 2005 Solo at the Dizsonante festival in Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Portugal.
27. nov 2005 Agrare at the Romaeuropa Festival in Roma. Auditorium Parco Della Musica.
24. nov 2005 Fe-mail at Cox 18 in Milano, feat. Massimo Zu.
22. nov 2005 Fe-mail in Torino. Festival Musica 90. Teatro Juvarro.
21. nov 2005 Agrare at the Huddersfield Festival, UK.
17. nov 2005-20. nov 2005 Premiere and performances of ‘Adventura Anatomica’ at Black Box. Odd-Johan Fritzøe, dance, Karl Hansen, set design. Music composed and performed live by Maja S. K. Ratkje.
6. nov 2005 SPUNK release concert in Oslo at Fabrikken for new album: “en aldeles forferdelig sykdom”.
4. nov 2005 Press conference and mini concert for new SPUNK album at Bare Jazz in Oslo. 14:00.
1. nov 2005 Guest appearance at Fabrikken with POING at Oslo World Music Days.
29. oct 2005 Fe-mail at Notting Hill Art Club in London.
21. oct 2005 Maja and Lucas Abela in Brugata, Oslo.
15. oct 2005 Maja solo and with author Øyvind Berg at the Audiatur festival in Bergen, Norway.
1. oct 2005 Fe-mail at Stå-opp-jazz in Bergen, Norway.
23. sep 2005 SPUNK in Tolouse. Festival Printemps de Septembre.
4. sep 2005-19. sep 2005 Fe-mail, US tour: 4. New York City – Tonic (with Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins), 6. Amherst, MA – Hampshire, 7. Boston, MA – P.A.’s Lounge, 9. Oakland, CA – Mills College (with Matmos), 10. Seattle, WA – Wooden Octopus Scull, Noise Fest, 12. Portland, OR – Berbati’s Pan, 14. Detroit, MI – Behind the Green Door, 15. East Lansing, MI – Scene Metrospace, 16. Columbus, OH – Wexner Center for the Arts (with Wolf Eyes), 17. Indianapolis, IN – Outdoor stage by Deano’s Vino, GUMBO AID, 18. Milwaukee, WI – Hotcakes Gallery, 19. Chicago, IL – Renaissance Society (with Mike Svoboda), 20. Chicago – live at WNUR 89.3 fm.
1. sep 2005 ‘Voice’ solo concert with HC Gilje (video) at the Interferenze Festival, San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy.
28. aug 2005 Fe-mail featuring Kjetil Møster (saxophone) at BLÅ, Oslo.
23. jul 2005 SPUNK in Prague.
9. jul 2005 Fe-mail and Wolf Eyes at Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway.
23. jun 2005 Fe-mail on stage by the city hall during EuroPride in Oslo.
14. jun 2005 Fe-mail and Wolf Eyes at ICA, London.
11. jun 2005 Fe-mail and Wolf Eyes at Bad Bonn Kilbi, Switzerland.
4. jun 2005 Guest artist at Hild Sofie Tafjord’s concert at Musikkens dag at BLÅ, Oslo.
3. jun 2005 SPUNK at Kulturnatt, Oslo.
1. jun 2005 Solo at Nattjazz, Bergen.
30. may 2005-31. may 2005 Premiere of “Innhentet”, a theatre performance by Marit Solbu/Hærmændene, at Teatergarasjen during Bergen International Festival. Includes solo work for voice with Maja Ratkje live and in video.
20. may 2005 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK part 5, St. Edmunds Church, Oslo.
8. may 2005 Ad hoc concerts with musicians at the Openmusic festival in Ystad, Sweden. Including Jacob Riis, Jörgen Adolfsson, Amit Sen and others.
7. may 2005 Agrare in Ystad, Sweden.
30. apr 2005-5. may 2005 Guest appearances with POING in Guanzhou, Shanghai and Bejing, China. Weill/Brecht and more.
29. apr 2005 Solo at Park 19 Art Space, Guangzhou, China.
21. apr 2005 ‘Voice’ concert with HC Gilje and John Hegre at Music Biennale Zagreb.
13. apr 2005 Concert/recording session with audience with Fe-mail, Ikue Mori and Otomo Yoshihide at Asphodel, San Francisco.
20. mar 2005 Fe-mail plays at the No Fun Fest at the Hook In Brooklyn, NY.
11. mar 2005 Concert including new work by Ratkje and Frode Haltli, a collaboration with artist Per Inge Bjørlo, at Finnskogutstillingen, Norway. Performed by Ratkje/Haltli.
21. feb 2005 “jazzgymnastik”, a performance by SPUNK at BLÅ, Oslo.
19. feb 2005 “jazzgymnastik”, a performance by SPUNK at Nalen under Stockholm New Music Days. Guest: Dancer Lotta Melin.
12. feb 2005 Solo at Les Voûtes, Paris.
8. feb 2005 Solo concert with HC Gilje on video at the Transmediale festival in Berlin.
3. feb 2005 World premiere of new piece for orchestra and voice, “Concerto for Voice (moods III)”, featuring Ratkje as a soloist at the Festival Presences in Paris. Performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Rolf Gupta. The concert is broadcast by the EBU network.
28. jan 2005 Pre premiere of new piece for orchestra and voice, “Concerto for Voice (moods III)”, featuring Ratkje as a soloist at Norwegian Broadcasting, Oslo. Performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Rolf Gupta.
22. jan 2005 SPUNK and Alog in Bergen.
14. jan 2005 Maja Ratkje, Søren Runolf and John Hegre under ‘all Ears’ at BLÅ, Oslo.
13. jan 2005 Fe-mail under the ‘all Ears’ festival at BLÅ, Oslo.
6. jan 2005 Pre ‘all Ears’ concert with Lasse Marhaug, Paal Nilssen-Love and Maja Ratkje.
22. dec 2004 Guest artist on theremin and voice at POING’s annual X-mas party in Oslo at Fabrikken.
11. dec 2004 Concert with Jaap Blonk and ‘de ereprijs’ at LUX, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
5. dec 2004 Concert with Jaap Blonk and ‘de ereprijs’ at Kunstuis 13, Velp, The Netherlands.
29. nov 2004-3. dec 2004 POING and Maja on tour in Austria. Concerts in Graz 29.11., Dornbirn 01.12. and Vienna 03.12. The program includes: “essential extensions”, “On Wombs and Wovels”, passing images”, “Three tangos…”, “Sinus Seduction (moods two)”, “Rondo – Bastard – Overture – Explosion” -all works by Ratkje in addition to some improvisations and Weill/Brecht.
26. nov 2004-28. nov 2004 Concerts in The Netherlands with Jaap Blonk and ‘de ereprijs’ in Musis Sacrum, Arnhem 26.11. and Podium Gigant Apeldoorn 28.11. World premiere of pieces by Alwynne Pritchard, Carola Baucholt.
22. nov 2004 POING & Maja performs Weill/Brecht etc. at Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen.
19. nov 2004 Solo in Copenhagen. Nordic Music Days.
13. nov 2004 SPUNK in Porto.
10. nov 2004 Solo at DEAF04 (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) in Rotterdam.
3. nov 2004 Solo and duo with Arve Henriksen at 964 Natoma, San Francisco
23. oct 2004 Solo at the Vancouver New Music Festival: VOX. HC Gilje on live video.
20. oct 2004 POING featuring Maja Ratkje at Josefine Viseklubb, Oslo.
9. oct 2004-10. oct 2004 “Fire rare påfunn”, a sound and shadow theatre performance for children by SPUNK at Deichmanske (09.10.) and in the series Blårollinger at BLÅ (10.10), both during the Ultima festival, Oslo.
2. oct 2004 Solo at the LEM festival in Barcelona.
24. sep 2004 Agrare (Fe-mail + Lotta Melin) at CODA, BLÅ, Oslo.
19. sep 2004 Agrare (Fe-mail + Lotta Melin) at the Transart festival, Italy.
11. sep 2004 Concert with Sachiko M, HC Gilje, Marko Ciciliani, Gert-Jan Prins and Will Guthrie at Felix Merits under the Gaudeamus Festival, Amsterdam.
3. sep 2004 SPUNK and Fe-mail in Riga, Latvia.
14. aug 2004 SPUNK at Kalvfestivalen, Sweden.
13. aug 2004 SPUNK at Kalaset in Gothenburg, Sweden.
29. jul 2004 Agrare (Fe-mail and Lotta Melin) at the Miro Museum in Barcelona.
12. jul 2004 Maja Ratkje & Emi Maeda, Pink Twins and Hot Guitars at Korjaamo Bar, Helsinki.
11. jul 2004 Duo concert with Raoul Bjoerkenheim, Time of Music, Finland.
10. jul 2004 Solo concert outdoors at Time of Music together with synchronised swimming, Viitasaari, Finland.
8. jul 2004 Solo part of opening concert at Time of Music, Viitasaari, Finland.
18. jun 2004 Solo at Sonar in Barcelona.
12. jun 2004 SPUNK at the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Switzerland.
11. jun 2004 Duo with Strotter at the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Switzerland.
4. jun 2004 Noise and poetry with Maja and Øyvind Berg at Dans for Voksne, Chateau Neuf, Oslo.
27. may 2004-29. may 2004 Release concerts for new cd with Maja and Jaap Blonk at Bare Jazz (afternoon) and BLÅ (evening), both in Oslo 27th. Concerts in Århus 28th and Copenhagen May 29th.
8. may 2004 Fe-mail at the Taktlos festival in Zurich, Switzerland.
7. may 2004 Fe-mail at the Taktlos festival in Basel, Switzerland.
30. apr 2004 Maja + POING, annual 1st of May concert at Tranen, Oslo.
24. apr 2004 Agrare (Fe-mail and Lotta Melin) at SKIF in St. Petersburg.
20. apr 2004 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 4. Det Norske Nobelinstitutt, Oslo.
23. mar 2004-4. apr 2004 Fe-mail and Lotta Melin on tour in the concert series Frislag with Ikue Mori and others: 23. 03. 04 Västerås, 24. 03. 04 Västerås, seminar, 25. 03. 04 Umeå, seminar + concert, 26. 03. 04 Stockholm, seminar + concert, 27. 03. 04 Lund, 01. 04. 04 Malmö, 03. 04. 04 Voss, Norway, 04. 04. 04 Voss, Norway, seminar.
20. mar 2004 Fe-mail at Haus der Berliner Festspiele at the Maerz-Musik festival.
11. mar 2004-15. mar 2004 Agrare (Fe-mail and Lotta Melin) at Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
5. mar 2004 Fe-mail at Recombinant Labs Compound, San Francisco.
27. feb 2004-28. feb 2004 Fe-mail at Lampo in Chicago.
14. feb 2004 Fe-mail with ex-Mayhem drummer Manheim and Baktruppen member Øyvind Berg at Parkteateret, Oslo.
6. feb 2004 Solo at Canadian Broadcasting, Toronto.
jan 2004 Fe-mail at Killyrego, Oslo.
18. jan 2004 Concert with Norwegian Noise Orchestra under All Ears at Chateau Neuf, Oslo.
15. jan 2004 Duo with Emi Maeda under the All Ears festival at BLÅ, Oslo.
31. dec 2003 New years party with Fe-mail and friends at Pigalle, Oslo.
23. dec 2003 With Jaap Blonk, Mary Oliver, Terrie Ex, Anne La Berge, Eileen Standley and others at Festival Blonk 50 1/2, Theater Kikker in Utrecht.
11. dec 2003-12. dec 2003 With Professor Doctor Doctor under Jazzwerk Ruhr in Essen and Dortmund.
29. nov 2003 Solo in Bratislava.
28. nov 2003 SPUNK in Århus, Denmark.
27. nov 2003 SPUNK and Alog, Parkteateret, Oslo.
22. nov 2003 Solo at ‘Kri-Kri’ in Ghent, Belgium.
7. nov 2003 Fe-mail and Lotta Melin at Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria.
5. nov 2003 SPUNK at Trondheim Jazz Festival.
2. nov 2003 With Jaap Blonk, Carl Stone among others at Concepts of Doing – Interaktion Tanz Musik in Stuttgart.
24. oct 2003 Solo at Deluxe Gallery, London.
18. oct 2003 Fe-mail and Lotta Melin at the GAS festival, Gothenburg.
13. oct 2003-14. oct 2003 Fe-mail and dancer Maja Delak at Mesto Zensk, Ljubljana.
2. oct 2003-5. oct 2003 Participating in “No Title Performance and Sparkling Water”, first opera by Ratkje, under Ultima, Oslo.
10. sep 2003 ‘Voice’ concert with jazzkammer and HC Gilje at Prix Ars Electronica, Linz.
30. aug 2003 Agrare (Fe-mail and Lotta Melin) at the UNM festival, Oslo.
26. jul 2003 Fe-mail at Safe as Milk, Haugesund.
19. jul 2003-20. jul 2003 Fe-mail and Lotta Melin at Konfrontationen in Nickelsdorf.
4. jul 2003 Solo at Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
21. jun 2003 POING and Maja Ratkje at the Tollwood festival in Munic, Germany.
14. jun 2003 Fe-mail at Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen, Switzerland.
12. jun 2003 Fe-mail at the Art Biennale, Venezia.
7. jun 2003 SPUNK in old brewery halls at Tou in Stavanger.
4. jun 2003 Solo at the Disturbances symposium in Copenhagen.
28. may 2003 Fe-mail at RECYCLART, Brüssel.
26. may 2003-27. may 2003 Two concerts with Jørgen Træen (Sir Duperman) at the Music Festival in Bergen.
7. may 2003 Fe-mail feat. Kjetil Møster (sax) under Mai-jazz, Stavanger.
1. may 2003 1st of May with Maja and POING at BLÅ, Oslo.
20. mar 2003 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 3. Oslo City (shopping centre).
30. jan 2003 Solo at the Ilios festival in Harstad.
19. jan 2003 Blind date project with Häxan movie at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo. Musicians: Ronni le Tekrø, Maja Ratkje, Lene Grenager among others.
4. jan 2003 Release concert for Fe-mail’s “Syklubb fra Hælvete” at BLÅ, Oslo.
12. dec 2002 Nowegian Noise Orchestra. Debut concert at Betong, Oslo.
23. nov 2002 Fe-mail and Lotta Melin at Gloria during the Avanto Festival in Helsinki.
31. oct 2002 SPUNK at Musikprotokoll 2002 in Graz.
27. oct 2002 Fe-mail and Jaap Blonk at Hennie Onstad Art Museum, Norway.
24. oct 2002 SPUNK at NewMusicNewMedia Festival in Edinburgh.
15. oct 2002-17. oct 2002 Collaboration with dancer Lotta Melin at Culturen in Västerås, Fylkingen in Stockholm and Avant Garden in Trondheim.
11. oct 2002 SPUNK at the Fertiliser Festival in 93 Feet East, London.
10. oct 2002 Fe-mail at the Ultima Festival at BLÅ, Oslo.
30. sep 2002 Duo with Sachiko M at Avant Garden, Trondheim.
27. sep 2002 Vocal improvisation for dance performance by dans design in Kirkelandet Kirke, Kristiansund.
22. sep 2002 SPUNK in old turbin hall in Hønefoss with installation art and sculptures by Per Inge Bjørlo.
7. sep 2002 Fe-mail at Extrapool i Nijmegen, Netherlands, feat. Jaap Blonk.
3. sep 2002 Jaap Blonk, Maja Ratkje and others at Zaal 100, Amsterdam.
2. sep 2002 Fe-mail in collaboration with Jaap Blonk and Marko Ciciliani at Kraakgeluiden, Amsterdam.
1. sep 2002 Fe-mail at Cuba-Cultur in Münster, Germany, feat. Jaap Blonk (voice and
3. jul 2002-11. jul 2002 Concerts in Siberia and Moscow with Jørn Simen Øverli and Frode Haltli.
7. may 2002 Fe-mail in collaboration with opera trio “Opera of Today” at BLÅ, Oslo.
1. may 2002 1st of May tour in Oslo with POING featuring Maja, visiting four brown places, anding up at Pigalle, Oslo with contributions by Fe-mail and others.
20. apr 2002-21. apr 2002 SPUNK at the ‘taktlos’ festival in Zürich and Basel, Switzerland.
19. apr 2002 SPUNK at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden.
6. mar 2002 Fe-mail at “kjeller’n” in Olavskvartalet, Trondheim, feat. Michael Duch (bass) and Kjetil Møster (sax).
20. feb 2002 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 2. A basement in Seilduksgata, Oslo.
7. feb 2002 Jaap Blonk, Michael Duch, Rhodrie Davies and Maja Ratkje at Avant Garden, Trondheim.
7. feb 2002 Jaap Blonk/Maja Ratkje duo at BLÅ, Oslo.
2. feb 2002 Solo concert at BLÅ in OSLO at the All Ears festival for free improvised music. Voice and electronics. Trio with Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Rhodrie Davies (harp).
2. feb 2002 Concert with No Spaghetti Edition at BLÅ, Oslo. Featuring Rhodrie Davies and Evan Parker.
1. feb 2002 Fe-mail at All Ears festival, BLÅ, Oslo.
7. dec 2001 SPUNK at BLÅ, Oslo.
26. nov 2001 Fe-mail at BLÅ, Oslo.
25. oct 2001 Ratkje performs her own work “komposisjon for tre etasjer” (“a composition for three floors”) especially made for the house ‘Steinhuset’ in Hadeland together with Cathrine Nyheim, percussion and Frode Haltli, accordion.
21. aug 2001 Acoustic concert with Fe-mail in installations by Per Inge Bjørlo in Norske Skog factory, Hønefoss.
23. may 2001 Fe-mail at PIP show at the Art Academy, Oslo.
18. may 2001 Fe-mail feat. Ingebrigt Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love, Kampen Bydelshus, Oslo.
16. may 2001 SPUNK with Ingebrigt Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) at BLÅ, Oslo.
14. mar 2001 (x,y,z), an electronic improv trio with Asbjørn Flø, Risto Holopainen and Maja Ratkje, at BLÅ.
20. jan 2001 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK, part 1. Emanuel Vigeland’s mausoleum, Oslo.
13. oct 2000-15. oct 2000 SPUNK in dance performance “renverser l’espace” at the Ultima festival in Oslo in collaboration with the choreographers in ‘dans design’.
10. sep 2000 Fe-mail at Studio 80, Tokyo.
3. sep 2000 Solo consert in Theatre POO, Tokyo. Voice and electronics.
20. jul 2000-21. jul 2000 SPUNK at ISME (International Society for Music Education) in Alberta, Canada.
18. may 2000 Duo with Lasse Marhaug at BLÅ, Oslo.
13. may 2000-14. may 2000 SPUNK at MusikTriennale Köln.
25. apr 2000-27. apr 2000 Participant at workshop with Otomo Yoshihide in Oslo.
12. apr 2000 SPUNK and the percussion trio SISU at BLÅ, Oslo.
30. mar 2000 SPUNK in Hamar.
28. mar 2000-29. mar 2000 Participant at Bergen lock up with MAZK: Masami Akita (Merzbow) and Zbigniew Karkowski. Live concert and video broadcast on the internet from BEK.
2000-2001 Several concerts with a Kurt Weill-project with POING (Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin and Rolf Erik Nystrøm). Among them Sauna Bar in Helsinki, Bergen International Festival and Josefine viseklubb in Oslo.
30. oct 1999 SPUNK in Bergen.
1. oct 1999 (x,y,z), an electronic improv trio with Asbjørn Flø, Risto Holopainen and Maja Ratkje, at the opening evening of the Ultima festival at BLÅ.
1. oct 1999 (x,y,z) at BLÅ, Oslo, the opening of the Ultima Festival.
15. sep 1999 Ratkje performs her own “Music for Ibsen’s Ghosts” at the Nortlands Festival in Scotland together with flutist Rebecca Larsen. The music was included in the play during a tour the following weeks with a London-based theatre company directed by John Doyle.
4. jul 1999 SPUNK at New-Sircus Festival at Kadettangen near Oslo.
4. mar 1999 SPUNK with Mats Eilertsen (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) at Soria Moria Culture Festival, Oslo.
28. feb 1999 SPUNK at Cosmopolite, Oslo.
18. feb 1999 SPUNK release party for “Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger” at BLÅ, Oslo.
19. dec 1998 Performance of the chamber opera by Dagfinn Rosnes “Briefe von eine Reise”, especially written for the voice of Maja S. K. Ratkje, for the first time in full stage version in Oslo with musicians from Ensemble Ernst.
2. oct 1998 SPUNK at Jazid in Oslo with Paal Nilssen-Love, drums.
1. apr 1998 SPUNK at BLÅ, Oslo.
apr 1998 SPUNK’s first Nordic tour: Copenhagen, Halmstad and Gothenburg.
2. jun 1997 SPUNK at Jazid, Oslo.
1995-1996 Starts and develops the independent group Oslo Industrial Ensemle. The group did many concerts around at several festivals and stages in Oslo (Radio Nova Festival, Black Box, the Munch museum among others), live performances in three different radio stations (two of them national) and music for self made silent movies. Instruments used: All kinds of metal leftovers from house building and industry combined with both simple and advanced electronics.
1994-1995 Member of Oslo Gamelan Orchestra, mostly with concerts in Oslo.
1994 “Tidevann”, a composition for string quartet, wind instruments, choir, solo singer and solo saxophone has its first performance at the closing concert for the finished year at Toneheim Folkehøgskole (folk high-school of music). The concert was in Hamar Kulturhus. Ratkje sings the solo part herself.
1993 Till now, Ratkje has been playing classical violin since the age of five, singing in children’s choir, playing classical and jazz piano, participating in several musicals, playing in high school bands and a country band called Arve Hjalmar’s.
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