to my new homepages! They are under constant development. You will hopefully find something interesting to dig into here.

These pages also function as Ratkje’s digital archive, and there’s a lot of stuff missing. If you sit on something that you would like to share, get in touch, use the comments field below here or other places in order to leave a message and your email address (it won’t show!).

photo by Caroline Forbes

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. admin says:

    Dear Hal, Thank you so much for contacting me, and honoured to hear about your background. I hope you got the chance to see Sult, it was really special.

  2. Hal Clark says:

    Former daglig leder og designer/ komponist ved NSEM, Norsk Studio for Elektronisk Musikk gjennom 70 årende. Jobbet sammen med Arne Nordheim i mange år, også salonger med Olav Anton or Lasse.
    In Oslo for celebration of Henie-Onstad center 50 years jubilee with lecture all about our studio (which disappeared to NMH). Would very much like to explore your music, heard it in my current city, Vancouver, with Nordic Voices. Also my dinner with Lasse this week recommended I see Sult, so tonight I will go to the Opera. Alle beste, Hal Clark…

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