Fe-mail (2000-2005)

(In)famous noise duo consisting of Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja S. K. Ratkje. Legendary releases in vinyls and in numerous compilations, art projects and known for free improvised concerts worldwide with the use of unorthodox sound sources. Follow the tag ‘fe-mail’ at this post to discover their world. Full album releases: Syklubb fra Hælvete Voluptuous […]

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Blixter Toad on sale!

Fe-mail’s album Blixter Toad is now physically available at LOOOP. After the label Asphodel closed down, we have bought the records, and we are selling them at a good price, probably the best, here: LOOOP Chicago Reader: “The duo (Fe-mail) just gets better and better. (…)ranges freely from acoustic free improv to blistering power electronics

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Co słychać u Maji Ratkje? (PL)

Nowamuzyka 2006: Jeśli ktoś czytał mój przewodnik po płytach Rune Gramofon, to być może pamięta zachwyt (który absolutnie podtrzymuję) dla solowego krążka Mai Ratkje – “Voice”. Od tego czasu postanowiłem śledzić uważnie wszystkie jej przedsięwzięcia. A jest w czym wybierać – kwartet SPUNK, jego połowa – Fe-Mail i duety. Jeśli ktoś czytał mój przewodnik po

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Maja Ratkje – Spunk Happens (DE)

hairentertainment.com: Knapp zwei Jahre ist es her, dass mein Blick in den so üppig ausgestatteten CD-Regalen eines Plattenladens zwischen all den Reihen schrill-bunter CD-Cover auf ein aus dem Rahmen fallendes Motiv fiel. Es zeigte ein grobkörniges Frauenportrait in schwarz-weiß: Das Haar seitlich zum Zopf geflochtenem, die Augen geschlossen. Eine Fotografie wie aus den 1920er Jahren.

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Call me

CDr with radio show including RRR, Fe-mail and radio host Dennis Tyfus. Crazy live improvisations. Review in Russian: Machine radionoise: “Коллектив матёрого и независимого от всех и вся американского лейбла RRRecords – это спятивший Шляпник и Мартовский Заяц, повздорившие со стариком Временем. В их офисе всегда первая половина восьмидесятых – эпоха мэйл-арта, оголтелого шума и

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Blixter Toad reviewed by Textura

Textura: “Certainly one of the most bizarre releases heard in recent days, Blixter Toad, a two-disc set by SPUNK members Maja Ratkje and Sofie Tafjord collaborating under the Fe-Mail guise, distills mutant noise-mongering, hard drive convulsions, haunted voices, and assorted other alien syntax into fifteen set-pieces (and two videos by Masako Tanaka) that are enigmatic,

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Blixter Toad reviewed by Gaz-Eta

The biggest shock comes in the form of the 13 minute long “Ballad”. Nearly a non-song, rather this seems to be the duo’s venture into the world of pure ambience. I kid you not. Strangest thing is, I couldn’t care less what they employed to make this piece – their laptops, a bunch of old synths or perhaps a sampler – it just sounds so bloody good.

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