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  1. Günther Bajtl says:

    Liebe Maja S. K. Ratkje,

    ich möchte Sie informieren, dass ich am Mittwoch, den 03.11. in meiner „musica nova“ – Sendung im FRS einen kleinen Rückblick über die diesjährigen Donaueschinger Musiktage gebracht hatte. Dazu spielte ich einige ausgewählte Werke, so auch ihr Stück „Considering Icarus“. Siehe auch unten die Playlist der Sendung. Diese Sendung wurde am Montag, den 08.11. um 11.00 Uhr wiederholt.

    Mit den besten Grüßen aus Stuttgart

    Günther Bajtl
    musica nova
    03.11.2021 (von 22.00 bis 24.00 Uhr)

    — Weight Of Snow 5:46
    — Personal Prelude & Eye Of The Iger 6:05
    — Identities 6:12
    Sophie Abraham
    Donaueschinger Musiktage

    — Streichquartett Nr. 3, op. 16 10:25
    (Paul Hindemith)
    — Transnatural #2: Life – Like 3D® Ocean Series 9:40
    (Mikolaj Laskowski)
    Quatuor Diotima
    — Unhistoric Acts (excerpt) 2:46
    (Chaya Czernowin)
    JACK Quartet / SWR Vokalensemble
    — abgefackelte wackelkontakte 23:00
    (Annesley Black)
    — Considering Icarus 18:10
    (Maja S. K. Ratkje)
    — Tableaux I – III – Drei Skizzen für Orchester 10:45
    (Beat Furrer)
    SWR Symphonieorchester
    — The Red Death (excerpt) 10:00
    Francesco Filidei
    SWR Symphonieorchester/SWR Vokalensembl /Chorwerk Ruhr/IRCAM
    Günther Bajtl
    Freies Radio für Stuttgart
    Bernsteinstrasse 120
    D – 70619 Stuttgart
    tel.: 0711 – 4569285
    mobil: 0178 – 5378752

    Eine Ankündigung über die Sendungen können auf der homepage unter dem file “Programm” eingesehen werden.

    Das FRS ist über Antenne auf 99.2 MHz und im Kabel auf 102,1 MHz
    und auch als live-stream im Internet zu empfangen!!!!

  2. Maja Ratkje says:

    That sounds really bad! I hope they fix it if they haven’t. Thanks for writing.

  3. eva toft says:

    Dear Maja:
    I was thrilled to read about the female composers musicology map published in the Guardian, 19th of August, 2021. However it turned in to my becoming completely horrified as I clicked on your name and image on the map. You are referred to with a male pronoun! It is so baffling it is almost … I don’t know what!
    Under your image, 2nd sentence quote: “His ability to hold disparate materials in his grasp is as evident as his care and restraint with that material.”
    Make that a male pronoun three times in one sentence. That’s more than an honest spelling error.
    The link reads as follows: They deserve a place in history: music teacher makes map of female composers/Classical music/The Guardian
    I cannot believe that is how the creator Ashifa Kassam intended the map to be. Where is the editor!

  4. Mattias Helldén says:

    Hej Maja,
    Har lyssnat på “Works for string orchestra”.
    Fantastiskt o underbart !
    Glada hälsningar

  5. Maja Ratkje says:

    Many thanks, Michel!

  6. michel says:

    Thanks for your music, since Voice and also Spunk.

  7. Kolbjørn Megard says:

    Leser i Aftenposten at du har bursdag i dag. (I går).
    Gratulerer med dagen! Send meg e-post adressen din så skal du få en liten musikalsk Holsen fra meg. Jeg regner med at du kan åpne filer som er skrevet og lagret som musikkfil i Finale.
    Kolbjørn Megard

  8. Landi Michaels says:

    I agree – Facebook is a problem, yet useful for certain things.

    Best of luck this year!

  9. Myles says:

    Thank you for the music!

  10. admin says:

    Yes! I sent you an email just now.

  11. Mark Vernon says:

    Hi Maja,
    Just getting in touch about the possibility of booking you for a live performance in Glasgow in May 2019. Is there an email address I can send you more detailed information too?
    Best wishes,

  12. Torgrim says:

    Hei hopp

  13. admin says:

    Tusen takk!!

  14. Wenche Leksgård says:

    Musikk til Sult:
    Ubeskrivelig vakker sang og min største musikkopplevelse noensinne!!!!!!

  15. admin says:

    Tusen takk! Jeg må få spilt inn dette.

  16. Lars Krogh says:

    Aldeles strålende flott musikk til Jo Strømgrens “”Sult”.

  17. Geirr I. Leistad says:

    Maja Ratkje, ave
    I left a comment to your fascinating article on Lili Boulanger. Hopefully, you could read it sometime. As you may know the universe, which now has a comoving diameter of about 93 thousand million (93 000 000 000) lightyears has expanded for 13 800 000 000 years and will expand forever. We have time to hear sounds, music, voices and noise. Silence there may not be.
    Salve, Geirr

  18. admin says:

    Many thanks! I am glad you liked it. I had a good time in L.A.

  19. Tony says:

    I highly recommend seeing Maja live. I was at the Los Angeles show last week. I thought I was prepared, already having and thoroughly enjoying several of her cd’s, but wow! She’s a deep well of creativity, with the skill to execute it and thoughtfulness to connect it and flow. Come visit us in CA again Maja!
    -purple shirt guy

  20. admin says:

    Sure! It’s available from the record company Grappa, check out, or you can buy one from me, perhaps together woth other stuff of interest?

  21. Hi Maja Would like to buy the new Poing cd for my site Regards Tony

  22. admin says:

    Hi! Many thanks!! There are links to buy all my releases here at my home page. Just select any album from the ‘album’ header and look at the info at the bottom of each post.

  23. Kirsten Berrum says:

    a great fan – of you, of Brecht and of Prøysen among others.
    and where can I buy your records?

  24. Hello,
    Im Sebastian Piotr Krawczuk from Poland, opera Singer (basso-baritono).
    This is link to my voice (in 04:08 min. of this recording Im singing solo – secend soldat in “FIDELIO” by L. van Beethoven):
    With pleasure I will singing your compositions.

    And this is link to my voice-over voice:

    Greetings from Krakow

    Sebastian Piotr Krawczuk

  25. andrea sick says:

    dear Maya Ratkje.
    We would like to get in contact with you because we want to invite you to the university of arts and music in Bremen, North Germany.
    Could you send me your email adress. Then I could send you more information.
    Best regards
    andrea sick

  26. admin says:

    Takk for støtte! Aksjonsgruppa ‘Stopp oljesponsing av notrsk kulturliv’ finnes på sosiale medier og i en blogg: Vi publiserer gjerne relevant stoff. Og Vil ha flere følgere/medhjelpere! Lykke til med spennende prosjekt til jubileet. Jeg sitter selv og jobber med et stykke til jubileet for symfoniorkester. Tittelen er “Paragraf 112”, altså miljøparagrafen.

  27. Bravo, bravo! Takk for at du klart og tydelig frontet motstand mot olje og fossil brensel i dagens Dagsnytt 18! Vi trenger mange stemmer. Thea Glimsdal og jeg har brukt vår stemme i forbindelse med Grunnlovsjubileet og laget en tekstil kreasjon, som vi har kalt “Opp som en løve, ned som oljesøl”?. Den vises på Doga i Oslo i sommer. Vi kaller oss tekstilgjøglerne og Theas hjemmeside er
    Jeg vet ikke om kreasjonen vises der. Selv har jeg ingen hjemmeside, men hvis jeg får din adresse, sender jeg deg bilder. Med vennlig hilsen Eli Nistov

  28. admin says:

    Super to hear from you! I am mixing your voices from that concert to be released, hopefully this year, so extra nice to hear from you. You can contact me by email.

  29. Rhyanne says:

    Hi Maja!
    I was involved in the Huddersfield performance of Crepuscular Hour, singing with the Royal Nothern College of Music Chamber Choir. I am doing a 20 minute presentation on your work as part of my degree, and I wonder if you be so kind as to reflect on what were the most challenging aspects of putting the work together in the rehearsal before that concert. I would be most interested and extremely grateful for your comments. Thank you in advance! All the best, Rhyanne.

  30. admin says:

    Hei! Du må gjerne se på verklista mi her på weben, der står det hvilke stykker jeg har for sax. Jeg digger jo sax og har jobbet med flinke folk som Rolf-Erik Nystrøm og Torben Snekkestad. Hilsen Maja

  31. Stefan Baur says:

    Hej Maja

    Jeg ved ikke om du kan huske mig, men vi var på samme workshop på Det Kongelige Teater i 2003 eller 04. Jeg er saxofonist i Trio ZOOM som var basis ensemble på workshoppen.

    Hvor fedt at det går dig så godt! Jeg støder på dit navn i forskellige sammenhænge!

    Vi skal med trio spille en koncert til sommer på en festival, der har et norsk tema. Jeg tænkte derfor med det samme på, om der mon findes noget af dig, som vi ville kunne spille. Såvidt jeg kan se, har du ikke noget, der præcist er vores besætning, men mon der er noget du kan forestille dig vi kan bruge – alternativt spille duo eller solo. Vores besætning er sax (helst alt eller sopran), klaver, percussion.

    Mange hilsner

    Stefan Baur

  32. admin says:

    Many thanks, dear Merlino! There were no real languages as I can recall, but sometimes I use fragments of language as to create song-like vocalisations. The sounds I use are sometimes borrowed from existing, real languages.

  33. merlino says:

    ….I “lived” your WONDERFUL concert in Bolzano.
    it was a delicious flight upon feelings and nature, a masterpiece in which one can not distinguish the artist from her art, because they simply melt together. excellent!!

    just wondering about the words in your singing (was it Norwegian?
    or no-language-words?).


  34. admin says:

    sure, you can contact me at the email above!

  35. Rebecca Willoughby says:

    Hi Maja,
    I’m a third year music student and for my course I need to do a presentation based on an artist who has influenced your work. I saw the hudderfield performance of crepuscular hour and I thought it was amazing. I was wondering do you have any short audio clips/any scores i could use as examples in my presentation?
    If you do that would be a great help.

  36. Bonjour Maja,

    je suis un chanteur Français ( Kourgane ) pratiquant de la poésie sonore.
    Je découvre votre univers avec grand plaisir.
    Vous pourrez découvrir le mien sur mon site, ci-dessus.
    Dans l’attente de retours de votre part.


  37. Francisco says:

    I am an art student from Madrid, Spain. I am currently editing a small video project for an assignment from my school.
    I am mixing some images from dancers and city landscapes and I chose one of your songs (the one named “joy”) to go with it.
    This might be a silly question but:
    would you mind if I uploaded the video in vimeo? to hand it in I must upload it in the internet. I will of course get no profit of any kind from it. I just would like to have your permission.
    I will specify that the music is yours. I chose your music because it allows great visual references. Your work is fantastic.

  38. admin says:

    Hei, det står litt lenger opp på denne siden:-)

  39. Hei,
    jeg lurte på om det er mulig å få tak i mailen din – maja – på noen måte? Jeg er student i London og vokalist selv, og skriver en avhandling om stemmen og fri improvisasjon. Er det mulig å komme i direkte kontakt med deg via mail?



  40. admin says:

    Posting a note here is a good start:-)

  41. emmanuel says:

    hi whom can I speak with concerning the possibility of booking?

  42. admin says:

    Takk! Få også med deg mitt svar til kommentator Joacim Lund, Aftenposten har lovet å trykke det på fredag, men man vet vel ikke sikkert hvilken dag det blir. Skal også publisere det her etterhvert!

    18, Mai update: Publisert nå, og kopi av innlegget her på min web.

  43. olav hasle says:

    Likte ditt standpunkt i oljesand-debatten og din klare avstand til statoil sitt “engasjement” i kulturlivet. Aftenp. 12. mai 2012

  44. admin says:

    Mange takk, det var hyggelige og oppmundrende ord:-) Ikke alltid man føler seg like høy i hatten.

  45. Ecolyn says:

    Du har alltid vært et universalgeni ! Beundrer måten du arbeider på, du får alt til å høres bra ut !

    Hilsen en som kjenner deg fra laannggt tilbake :)

  46. Alfredo Quintana says:

    Dear Maja:

    I’m very interested in making you some questions for our April issue, particularly because of your concert in Mexico City on March 18. Thank you!

    My best,
    Alfredo Quintana Garay
    Editor in Chief
    Conozca Más magazine
    (0155) 5261 2640

  47. Daems Sven says:

    Hi Maja,

    As promised a mail from Sven. The guy who just talked to you in the Ancienne Belgique. I hope this is not to forward or anything, but as I know myself, if I don’t do this immediatly, well then I forget and all that. Anyway, this is my email adress. Besides the fact I play as a resident dj in the Ancienne Belgique, I also run my own corner on the musical digital platform Sure be interested in making a little piece etc, but first let’s check out of this email thing works ok? (And I also want to introduce you to some people I know, which are on the same vibe as you are. Although, that will be for you to decide ofcourse.
    Ps to weird in fact. Yep, my name is Sven(very scandinavian), I run party’s under the Spunk and I spent my youth in a place called Geel, which is actually worldfamous for their approach with madness… Well, well… And to make it complete, the Sunn 0))) tshirt I was wearing, was from their recordings in the Norwegian church, in the period that a lot of churches were burned by black metal s. Well, how is that for an introduction haha…
    Although in flemish, you can browse in
    Take your time ofcourse, but hope to speak to you soon.

  48. Bjørnen says:

    Jeg elsker deg Maja. Du gir og fyller meg med et univers som jeg ikke visste fantes. Jeg gjentar, jeg elsker deg Maja, fordi du er akkurat det du er for meg, en kontakt til noe som er uendelig store enn meg selv, og forøvrig deg også. Som det er med alle store kunstnere, så mener jeg at det ikke er, du/dere som spille/leverer, men noe/noen, ikke vet jeg, men jeg tror, eller er rimelig sikker på at du/dere er en kanal, et instrument for noe storre enn det vi patetiske små mennesker kan se eller forstå.
    Jeg digger deg og gleder meg til å følge deg videre inn, ut i nytt og uoppdaget territorie. Stå på, gi gass, full gass videre, og så sees vi plutselig……..
    Kjærlighet, glede og en stor takk til deg vakre menneske.
    Hilsen Bjørnen

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