Maja solo

I do a lot of solo concerts, and the set-up changes according to the mood and to practical issues, but it’s always centered around the voice with live electronics. And it’s always improvised.

Sometimes with fantastic visual collaborators such as HC Gilje and Tord Knudsen:

I like using visual art with my solo concerts. My most frequent collaborator now is HC Gilje with the LED screens in the latter video. Here is a picture from the setup in Johanneskirken in Bergen May 2012:

And here is a one-time event collaboration with a Polish video artist, Aleksander Janicki, October 2012:

And here’s a whole concert (at GRM in Paris 2008), free to download.

I can also do a live version of a composed piece: In Dialogue with Rudnik.

Here’s me, with a percussion group in North Italy:

Here’s an old improv from Paris, starts with vocals, ends with noise. Enjoy:

Yes, it can be noisy.

But not only.

Last a still photo with HC Gilje from way back (Photo by Leandro Pisano):

3 Responses to Maja solo

  1. Lou Mallozzi says:

    Hi Maja,
    I’m an old friend of Jaap Blonk, Lotta Melin, and some others you probably know. Are you intending to be in the US anytime in the relatively near future? I organize performances and projects through Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago and also at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where I teach in the Sound Department). Not much money but good connections for potentially interesting gigs!
    Best wishes,

  2. Bonjour Maja,

    je découvre avec plaisir votre univers.
    Dans l’attente d’un retour de votre part sur le mien.


  3. e.laine says:

    Thank you for blazing a trail and forging new frontiers.

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