“Anyone who has seen or heard Ratkje perform live will know what a superb musician she is, and one who can genuinely be said to be extending the expressive range of the voice through technical and technological means…. Her work is celebratory and inclusive, an energising rallying call to those who are curious enough to peek out from behind the curtain of mainstream mediocrity.” The Wire 2006

“An artist whose importance is just beginning to be felt.” All About Jazz 2008

“Ratkje’s choices and processing techniques set her apart from pretty much anyone else i can think of.” Boomkat 2006

“Even within a piece she shows more originality than many composers in a lifetime.” Brainwashed 2008

“Maja Ratkje is essential.” Soundofmusic 2008

“Ratkje is one of the most astonishing singers on the planet.” Chicago Reader 2005

“Akin to Mike Patton’s bizarre solo vocal work, Ratkje single-handedly questions the assumption that Darkthrone are Norway’s heaviest musical export.” Flavorpill 2006

“Maja Ratkje har i en arrække stået som en af de mest spændende norske komponister og musikere.” (“Maja Ratkje has over years stood out as one of Norways most exciting composers and musicians.”) Politiken 2008

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