Others’ albums produced, mixed and/or mastered by Ratkje

Conrad Schnitzler & Bjørn Hatterud: Hirschgebrüll (Fysisk Format 2010)
Frode Haltli: Vagabonde Blu” (Hubro 2014)
Hilde Marie Holsen: Ask (Hubro 2015)
Lene Grenager: Smilodon (Aurora 2015)
Frode Haltli: Avant Folk (Hubro 2018)
Hilde Marie Holsen: Lazuli (Hubro 2018)
Bilayer (2019)

oscilloskop“THOMP BOMP DOMP! THE SOUND! The best mix I’ve had on a record ever!”

– Conrad Schnitzler, on Hirschgebrüll

“Maja’s ears and brain-cells are strangely wired, her focus is the one of a surgeon. She takes deep listening to a new level and knows how to dig out gold from layers of soiled sound.”

– Bjørn Hatterud

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