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The Wire, Janury 2003 Issue 227: “(…)None of that, however, can serve as preparation for the furious babbling and squalling insanity that at times rages tornado-like through this album. All the training, discipline and precision that you might expect from her CV are here enlisted in the service, or possession, of forces that leave behind

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“Very few records give such space to vocal performance, and very few artists would be able to carry such a piece of work with ease. More challenging than her work with Spunk, Voice is a unique experience, at once charming and disturbing, and Ratkje can only be admired for undertaking such a project. Let alone achieving beyond all expectations.” “This must be heard to be believed.” “Recommended, but definitely not for the faint at heart.”

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Voice reviews in German

“Death Metal ist nichts dagegen, Diamanda Galas ist nichts dagegen, niemand ist etwas DAGEGEN ***** ” Karl Bruckmaier, Bayerischer Rundfunk “Rasend schönes Geschrei. (…)Doch ist das befreite Gekreisch und Geschrei, das sie jetzt auf ihrem Solodebüt “Voice” präsentiert, in kaum überbietbarem Maß diszipliniert; in den Feldern des “freien” Pop und der improvisierten Musik hat man

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