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Ambolthue Records: “This is the content of Maja’s analogue dictaphone that’s been with her on concerts, around the world and with her in the studio for the last years.” Here you’ll find short extracts from various concerts, solo performances and recording sessions. You’ll hear SPUNK in studio, noise concerts, joking around, rehearsals with POING, material

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catalog number: imprec092format: picture disc This vinyl only picture disc release is limited to only 500 copies worldwide. Important Records: “Renowned international composer Maja Ratkje is a founding member in two of Norway’s most respected improvisational units – Spunk & Fe-Mail. While her solo work on the Rune Grammofon release Voice is without the electronic

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Voluptuous Vultures

Available in 10″ vinyl or full length CD which includes an extra track. Vinyl also available in a heavy metal box with poster-artwork by Lasse Marhaug (limited edition of 30 copies). Vinyl release text from PsychForm:” 10″ vinyl – standard edition 400 copies / limited edition 30 copies. PsychForm: “The new release on PsychForm Records

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Vox ex machina

Curated by Jaap Blonk this is volume 15 in the Leonardo Music Journal CD series. Selections include ‘Kana’ by Tomomi Adachi, ‘O Som Que Circula Nas Veia’ by Americo Jorge M. Rodrigues, excerpt from ‘Mushroom Clouds’ by Christian Bok, ‘Vielleicht’ by Sprechakte X/treme, ‘OOA’ by Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre, ‘… due Giorni Dopp’ by

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Nor Noise

CD and DVD double pack. Nor Noise is a documentary about Noise music – perhaps the most exiting and innovative form of music to evolve in the last years. The film maker Tom Hovinbøle has since the project started in 2001, interviewed some of the most central artists, both internationally and in Norway. The artists

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A one-of-a-kind cd card with a pice of electronic music by Ratkje. Covered by a very special, decorated sleeve… The cd card is kept in a plastic sleeve decorated with blue nail polish with glitter, instant letters, and Maja’s own nails collected through the last months. This item is a part of a collection with

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Money Will Ruin Everything

Rune Grammofon: “We celebrate 5 years and some 30 albums with a real treat. “Money Will Ruin Everything” is an exquisite 96 page hardback book designed and edited by Kim Hiorthøy with 2 cds of mostly exclusive tracks from the likes of Supersilent, Biosphere, Jaga Jazzist, Food, Deathprod, Arve Henriksen, Alog, Phonophani, Nils Økland, Fe-mail,

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