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Crepuscular Hour

Crepuscular Hour was originally commissioned for a performance at the Ultima festival 2010 in Uranienborg church, Oslo. The work is composed for three choirs, three pairs of noise musicians and concert organ. All performers surround the audience, and are amplified locally. In 2012, the piece was adapted for a performance at the Town Hall of

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meow nim xluf minus w-moan ulf men equals nixon

In a series of fluxus releases: Agrare (Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje/Hild Sofie Tafjord/Lotta Melin) – Seglet Er Vekk (from performance ‘[intlink id=”236″ type=”post”]A Safe Place to Die[/intlink]’, 2010) Mama Baer – For the Maincontrol Natalie Lauchlan – 65.7N20.3W Hannah Silva – Threshold Barbara Rapp – Kategorie (Salon Freiheit Klagenfurt, Dezember 2012) One-side LP, limited 100

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Deviate From Balance

John Wiese’s long awaited Deviate From Balance is the artist’s first album since 2011’s Seven Of Wands (PAN). Recorded throughout Europe/UK, Australia, and the US, the album includes scored ensemble pieces including over 20 musicians on each, recorded in Melbourne and Portland, as well as audio documentation of installation pieces Wind Changed Direction, a four-channel

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It still haunts me like a good nightmare, and I try in vain to recover the impression

In Roland Barthe’s Mythologies from 1957 he presents his theory on myths, which he believed to be collective conceptions of cultural phenomena constantly retold through objects and actions, until they appear as given and natural. In the exhibition It still haunts me like a good nightmare, and I try in vain to recover the impression

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Adventura Botanica

Rune Grammofon: “On in this botanical adventure – or “Adventura Botanica” – SPUNK join forces with one of Norway’s leading modern dance exponents, Odd Johan Fritzøe, to create a sound and movement work celebrating Darwin’s legendary, game-changing voyage to Madagascar. Premiered in 2013 at Oslo’s trailblazing Ultima Festival of Contemporary Music, “Adventura Botanica” was the

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Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK

Rune Grammofon: “At one minute past eight in the evening of the twentieth of January, 2001, the Norwegian quartet SPUNK began playing a drone in the key of B, inaugurating a project that would weave into their musical lives for the foreseeable future. Eleven years, eleven months and eleven minutes later, the same foursome struck

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Festival Electronica En Abril 2003-2012

2LP: A1 eleh – woven over A2 radian – rusty machines, dusty carpets B1 maja ratkje – [intlink id=”7750″ type=”post”]softly as i leave you[/intlink] B2 nsi. – quartz B3 farben – atrappp C1 dopplereffekt – dyson sphere C2 elektro guzzi – saftgulasch D1 thomas köner – tiento para elma D2 matmos – exclusively polygamist! D3

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Rune Grammofon: “This DVD gives a rare and unique insight into the live concert experience of one of Norway´s most prominent and long standing contemporary impro groups. Commisioned by the Henie Onstad Art Centre for it´s 40th anniversary in 2008, ”Light” can be seen as an interaction between the art centre´s enviroment and the musicians.”

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Double cassette compilation of Norwegian noise and music. More than two hours of material. Limited edition of 255 copies. Compiled by Lasse Marhaug for the KASSETT exhibition at Lydgalleriet, Bergen, Nov. 15, 2010. [intlink id=”7364″ type=”page”]This record is available from Maja’s mail order. Buy here![/intlink]

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