Symphony of Broken Anthems

2023; dur: 30; Wind Orch.; Score at Wise Music Classical

Symphony of Broken Anthems is a symphonic work for wind orchestra that plays with and comments on the heroic and heart-swelling elements of our world’s national anthems. The music builds upon and elaborates further many of the melodies and rhythms derived from a computer aided study of existing anthems, also used in Ratkje’s work National Anthems from 2022. Fragments of anthems, constructed and sometimes familiar, are thrown into the grinder, spit out and shaped into a heroic and absurd musical journey taking the form of a symphony in three parts (five with interludes):

First Movement: Rise Up And Sing

First Interlude: Hoisting Flags And Hoisting Flags

Second Movement: Forward, March, Up Again, Don’t Look

Second Interlude: Trembling, Heart-Swelling, Flags Waving In The Wind

Third Movement: Sinking Dust – Rising Smoke, Flags Waving Non-Stop

Commissioned by Det Norske Blåseensemble and Blåsarsymfonikerna.

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