A Whisper, or a Prayer, or a Song

2022; dur: 16'30; Orch.;
Score at Wise Music Classical

Starting from open strings like an intense whisper, or is it a prayer? The wide open intervals emerge and spread throughout the orchestra, land like lengthy, contrived sentences eventually falling to the ground, but start anew, rising like a song, more songs, lacking voice, but still… There is yet hope, fragile, but moving.

The title is a quotation from Aasne Linnestå’s libretto for Revelations (This Early Song), published at EWH 2017, a work for string quartet and mezzo which A Whisper, or a Prayer or a Song relates to. 

Composed for Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra for the premiere of Nordic: A Fragile Hope, in collaboration with nature påhotographer Joakim Odelberg, premiered 21 Feb. 2024.

Released on the album Nordic: A Fragile Hope

Concert review from the Swedish premiere: “Högst höjd över havet tar Maja S. K. Ratkje med sin vidöppna stråkklang i ”A whisper or a prayer or a song”, som tycks vilja signalera ut mot det okända, väcka frågan om hur vi kan rikta oss mot det. Och utifrån djupet av oss själva – även tala om det.” – Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter.

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