Spill for meg pappas hjerte så jeg kan høre det

2021; dur: 13'; Vln or Vla; Score at Wise Music Classical (coming)

First performed by Ingvild Habbestad on recording for Eli Eines’ exhibition Hull i hjerte at Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter Oct-Nov 2021.

In 2021 artist Eli Eines got hold of the journals showing her father’s ECG measurements, diagnosed with ‘a hole in the heart’. The invitation to make music for her upcoming exhibition using these early printouts was accomplished by Ratkje, making a score for solo violin and recording this to be played in the exhibition. The title is Eines’, and the music can be performed as a concert piece as well as in connection to Eines’ work.

photo of ECG print with permission from Eli Eines
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