20 Norwegian Piano Miniatures

Twenty piano miniatures by some of the most trendsetting composers in Norway around the year 2000 — it has been a joy to be able to be part of it!
This project was initiated by Viktor Mjøen of the music publisher Blåmann Musikkforlag. The idea was that limiting the length and complexity of the pieces would enable even young performers to play the music. But in this richly luxuriant bouquet it is not difficult to find both simplicity and complexity! Enjoy the experience!

-Håvard Gimse

Music by Nils Henrik Asheim, Jon Balke, Antonio Bibalo, Eivind Buene, Magne Hegdal, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Egil Hovland, Ketil Hvoslef, Dagfinn Koch, Jon Øivind Ness, Knut Nystedt, Wolfgang Plagge, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Asbjørn Schaathun, Helge Sunde, Olav Anton Thommessen, Lasse Thoresen, Therese Birkelund Ulvo, Knut Vaage and Christian Wallumrød.

On this record: Two small pieces for Arnold S.

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Released January 29, 2021 on Fabra.

Recorded at Den Gamle Logen
in Oslo, 2015, 2018 and 2020
Recorded and edited by Geir Inge Lotsberg
Piano technician:
Thron Irby
Supported by:
Norwegian Academy of Music
Liner notes: Bjørn Kruse
Translation: Shari Gerber Nilsen
Photography and design: Erik(sen

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