Corona lockdown concert for TUSK Festival 2020 reviewed in TQ Zine

by Rory Carr, TQ38/39/40, a TUSK Virtual special triple issue, published Jan 2021

“There’s a clichéd joke about watching live electronic music shows which says you might as well be watching someone read their emails. The physical gestures required to make music with laptops and other digital devices are the same as those for office work, small movements that do not inspire an audience to move and be moved by an artist. You can’t see what the artist behind a screen is doing in the way you can with a guitarist or a drummer. Maja SK Ratkje’s live electronic performance for Tusk works around that problem by giving us a very close-up view into the creative process. Or rather, her children do, because the whole thing was filmed by 11 year old Marte and 13 year old Elias. ”


“Afterwards Maja jumped into the livestream comments thread to say thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response her set & the children’s film work received there. Someone suggests releasing a recording of the set, and two days later it is up on Bandcamp to hear and to buy. I recommend checking it out.”

Read the rest as well as an interview(!) by ordering the issue at TQ Zine.

Album link (and buy access to the film as well!)

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