Dismantled Pipes

2020; dur: 18'; Accordion; 
Score at Wise Music Classical

The piece ‘Dismantled Pipes’ is based on material from the concert installation piece ‘Aeolian’, a larger piece Maja and the British artist Kathy Hinde made for accordionist Andreas Borregaard and the Red Note Ensemble in 2017. Some tones from dismantled organ pipes from a nearby church became an important part of the tonality of the piece. Blowing the organ pipes with your mouth creates a similar sound to the ancient Chinese mouth organ sheng, often regarded as the ancestor of the accordion. I premiered the solo piece at Sentralen, Oslo at a digital streaming concert featuring Maja’s music in April 2020, and did the recording about a month later. The solo piece is full of beauty, with almost cinematic qualities, going through different moods and instrumental techniques, all bound together with recognisable tonal structures and a the composer’s deep understanding of the sound qualities of the accordion.

-Frode Haltli

On the record Selected Solo Works, Vol. 1, released 2020 by Frode Haltli/SMP.

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