Polish Radio Experimental Studio Revisited 1998-2018

PolishComp PolishComp2Given away to subscribers of The Wire issue 413 July 2018. The PRES project is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute operating under the Culture.pl brand as part of POLSKA 100, the international cultural programme accompanying the centenary of Poland regaining independence.

1–DJ Lenar Second Three 4:56
2 –Jacaszek Tajga 2:04
3 –Biosphere Les Fleurs Du Mal (Excerpt) 5:06
4 –Valerio Tricoli Lustra Na Suficie 5:55
5 –[intlink id=”8516″ type=”post”]Maja S. K. Ratkje In Dialogue With Rudnik[/intlink] (Excerpt) 6:09

6 –Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj Halo, Panie Marianie 1:57
7 –Jacek Sienkiewicz Drogi 5:03
8 –Zeitkratzer Icon (Excerpt); Written by Denis Ebehard 7:15
9 –Mirt Solitaire 5 (Excerpt) 7:23

10 –Małe Instrumenty Study For One Cymbal Stroke; Written by Włodzimierz Kotoński 2:53
11 –Bohdan Mazurek Symphony: Electronic Music Part 1; Written by Bogusław Schaeffer 5:18
12 –Thomas Lehn Symphony: Electronic Music Part 2; Written by Bogusław Schaeffer 4:50
13 –Barbara Okań-Makowska Symphony: Electronic Music Part 3; Written by Bogusław Schaeffer 2:26
14 –Wolfram Symphony: Electronic Music Part 4; Written by Bogusław Schaeffer 4:53
15 –Lionel Marchetti The Answer

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