A Highway In State Space

2018; dur: 15'; Cello and electronics; 
Score at Wise Music Classical

An artistic interpretation of professor Signe Kjelstrup’s work on energy conversion, corresponding to an article including the same wording which was published in Chemical Engineering Science 60 (2005) by the authors Eivind Johannessen and Signe Kjelstrup.

A live version is optionally accompanied by videos edited by Ratkje based upon footage from the scientific work of Kjelstrup’s collegues Bjørnar Sandnes, David James, Clovis Sauzaret, Knut Jørgen Måløy and Grunde Løvoll.

The Sound of Science

On the record: [intlink id=”9839″ type=”post”]The Sound of Science featuring Jeffrey Zeigler[/intlink]

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