Noise and the Voice: exploring the thresholds of vocal transgression

Short interview made by Aaron Cassidy, published in Cassidy, Aaron and Einbond, Aaron (2013) Noise in and as music. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield. ISBN 978­1­86218­118­2


What is noise (music) to you?

Noise music is liberating, life-celebrating, and demanding. At its best it is multi-dimensional, it is both dark and light, and in its own way soaringly beautiful. The scene is the most welcoming of all genres and there is always a good discussion of aesthetics and tools.

Why do you make it?

Because of all the above! And because I feel that the real noise today is the shallow popular culture, the sell-outs with self-indulgent messages that I can’t get around, no matter where I move in civilization. The main reason I make noise is the heartfelt optimism I feel in that expression, as if noise music contains so many more aspects of life than music with an outspoken “message”.

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