Selected Signs III – VIII

“This seven-hour compilation was made for a major Munich exhibition entitled ECM – A Cultural Archaeology, emphasising ECM music’s links with other arts. So there are big roles for Georgian film-composer Andrey Dergachev’s fusions of electronics, speech and whirring machinery, Greek theatre and film scorer Eleni Karaindrou’s romantic orchestral pieces (with Garbarek’s sax and Kim Kashkashian’s viola among the solo instruments), and many other absorbing crossovers. But at least 30% of the set has clear jazz roots – from clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre’s cool-bop Jesus Maria from 1962 with Paul Bley on piano, to John Surman and Barre Phillips’ ferocious, synth-thundering Mountainscapes V from the 1978, or the Old and New Dreams band’s blues-steeped rendition of Lonely Woman. Five stars for mostly reissued music might seem generous, but the way this set has been assembled creates transporting new narratives – or meditations – from sequences that were never meant to coexist.” (John Fordham, The Guardian)

Includes Psalm from Frode Haltli’s album Passing Images performed by Haltli, Knox, Henriksen, Ratkje. Released 2013.

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