Gig review: Sonica: Voice, Glasgow

Sonica – a weekend-long celebration of sonic art – opened last night with the UK premiere of Voice, “an audio-visual duet by Norwegian performance artist Maja SK Ratkje and light designer HC Gilje”.

The Scotsman 2nd November 2013


(…) For just 45 minutes, Ratkje created a continuous sequence of improvised music, partly voice generated, partly synthesised, and for the most part driven by wave upon wave of looped segments – a kind of electronic minimalism. If there was anything distinctive about the sound language it was surely Ratkje’s alluringly surreal voice, similar in timbre to that of Björk, and equally versatile in its dramatic extremes and breathy mysticism. Some magical moments resulted – the exotic Asian inflexions of the opening, and haunting lyrical expansiveness that evolved near the end. (…)

Ken Walton
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