Scrumtious Sabotage reviews (in English)


Poland’s intrepid Bocian label helms this shocking collaboration between combustible Norwegian vocalist Maja S.K. Ratkje and legendary DNA drummer, Ikue Mori. Despite working together in a number of live constellations over the years, until now the two boundary-pushing artistes haven’t performed as a duo. The eight tracks of ‘Scrumptious Sabotage’ are Maja’s augmented documents of their reactive improvisations recorded in Belfast and Ulverston at end of March 2012; an instinctive entanglement of free, avant-minded expression aware of the history of contemporary music and sub-consciously striving to branch beyond its examples into places other artists fear to breach. With calibre as a member of No Wave heroes DNA, Ikue Mori is well versed in duelling at the peripheries of abstraction and finds a supremely deft challenger in Ms. Ratkje and her extended techniques, and vice versa. Spasmodic gulps, shrieks, operatic hollers and folk-like chants are splintered and refracted against arhythmic bursts of percussion, rendered hyperreal and spatialised in physically impossible fractals that are at once architecturally obtuse and beautiful, and energised, excited by their own sense of freedom.


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