If The Walls Could Sing

2013; Installation

This sound and video installation utilizes the Dance studio of the Vooruit, the ‘people’s building’ in Ghent, also the crib of “The Internationale”. Eight singers from the choir Morgenrood, who regularely rehearse in the space, sing one verse of “The Internationale” in their own language. This is accompanied by a strongly modified sound track using choir and the occasional tuning of a child’s violin, all pitched down and distributed in a circle consisting of 8 hidden speakers and 10 uplights.

The wonderful Morgenrood singers are Jozef en Yolande Sackesijn, Margriet Smet, Roland Vandeweghe, Roland Van der Linden, Rachel Vandenbossche, Hilde Ego, Willy Seeuws. Filming the singers Morgenrood was done by Gregg Young with great help by the choir’s conductor Willy Seeuws. Artistic assistance by Wim Wabbes, film file formatting by Ingo J. Biermann and technical assistance in the space by Niels, Kim, Carlos and Bjorn, from the Vooruit.

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