Korall Koral feedback from Huddersfield and Dewsbury 2012

The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival has sent us some audience reactions. All very positive. Enjoy.

• Beautiful, peaceful, melodic, graceful. The children and we were mesmerised. Thank you.

• Beautiful. Just the right size.

• Lovely, interesting and innovative. We had a fantastic time.

• Esme, aged 2 1/2: ‘Very slidey ladies!’. Brilliant, beautiful and so relaxing. A fantastic piece of work, thank you.

• We absolutely loved it, it was beautiful. Easily the most creative thing we’ve taken Elliot to, very inspiring.

• My daughter who is 10 months really enjoyed the performance. It was amazing to watch with all the tactile materials and sounds.

• I brought my 2 ½ year old and she was transfixed. A really beautiful performance – we both had such a wonderful time – thank you so much. Xx

• We brought our 7 month year old son and 2 ½ year old daughter. A great experience which had them both captivated.

• The babies loved it! I think it was the combination of sounds, plus the lights reflecting from the tent ceiling that they found fascinating (age 8 months and 2 ½ years).

• Brilliant! Cyra (2 years) danced and loved it.

• Wonderful show. Our 22 month old really enjoyed it and found it very funny!

• It was a great and fun opera for baby and parents.

• It was great! My little boy finds it very hard to sit still but he really focussed on it and loved the music. Thanks!

• Interesting seeing my baby’s reactions. Great to see how attentive he was, greatly due to how well captivating it was. It’s not often that babies are exposed to operatic singing! Great. My Zak cried at first and then overcame his shock! Even better. Thanks!

• We are enjoying this morning. Our babies are so happy and excited. It’s wonderful. Thanks very much.

• Fantastic – children really intrigued and engaged – wonderful to see in Huddersfield also.

• A captivating, engaging performance – such a unique opportunity for young children (and their parents) to hear new and interesting ideas and such beautiful sound qualities so close.

• Very good. Didn’t know what to expect, but Daisy was transfixed by it all – smiling and wondering what was going to happen next. She says she’d like to see it again. Wonderful.

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