Agrare (2004-2011)

A collaboration consisting of the two Norwegians Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja S. K. Ratkje in trio with Swedish dancer and choreographer Lotta Melin (2004-2011). The trio worked in the fields of openness and density within an acoustic and electronic sound world; Music and dance being created together in the instant now, with the help of a spontaneous sharing of the sounding material, coming both from the musicians and the dancer. The group made use of contact microphones, theremin, samplers, french horn, voice and various live electronics. The actual physical sound of the moving body was being picked up and processed/transformed, blending into the overall electronic soundscape, constantly changing and developing. The meaning of the performance, its form and contents was being created in the actual process where the dance and the music was met in a free improvisation. Instant composition and instant choreography.

Agrare has also made two choreographed/composed stage works:

[intlink id="1330" type="post"]Carrying Our Ears and Eyes in Small Bags[/intlink]
 [intlink id="236" type="post"]A Safe Place to Die[/intlink]
From A Safe Place to Die. Photo: Mats Bäcker
“To Moskvaaaaa!” From Carrying Our Ears and Eyes in Small Bags, photo by Kathy Hinde (video artist in this work)
From an improvised performance in St. Petersburg
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