Breaking the News

2010; dur: 12′; Fl, pf, vln, vcl; 
Score at Wise Music Classical

Program note:

What’s in the news? What do we chose to focus on? Fresh news articles from four topics: International Politics, Sports, Culture and Environmental Politics, chosen by the performers the very same day as this concert, are guiding the performers’ decisions in the score according to the content of the articles. A performance of this piece tomorrow would be different, how different is depending on the news we read. We all wish for better news.

Written for The peärls before swïne experience with support from NOMUS.

Practical information:

The performers must get hold of a newspaper, preferably local, from the same day as the performance. It must be written in a language that is understood by at least one of the performers. English speaking news services on the net can be used if no other option. The newspaper must be covering the following topics: International Politics, Sports, Culture and Environmental Politics. One article for each topic is chosen and prepared for the performance. The piece will always change according to the news of the day.

Breaking the News is written for Flute (+piccolo), Piano, Violin and Violoncello. The performers take turns in reading the articles in the performance. A megaphone may be used, but not for the whole piece. The piece can be performed without amplification, but the text must be heard.

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