Trinacria at the Roadburn Festival 2010


Trinacria – Main Stage

Trinacria was supposed to kick of the Friday on the Main Stage, but due to the volcano smoke, they couldn’t get to the festival by plane and made their way to the festival through a 20 hour drive. Now that’s the spirit! Trinacria is a collaboration between 2 Norwegian bands; the black metal imprint Enslaved and noise act Fe-Male. Their 2008 album Travel Now Journey Indefinitely is one hell of a fine experimental black/noise album and I was extremely curious to see them live as they only perform on special occasions.

This act turned out to be one of the highlights for me on the festival. The hour-long set was a complete trip with especially those Enslaved elements I like (guitar parts, heavy screams…), mixed with intense noise elements and original use of instruments such as a horn. These elements fitted in its place so well and convinced me that Trinacria can be seen as a band, rather than some side project in between Enslaved and Fe-Mail’s regular albums. Hope to hear and see more from these guys in the future!


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