Rune Grammofon: “Free collective improvising is one of the most demanding ways of making music: the pitfalls are many – self-absorption, incoherence, certain standardized “gestures” of free jazz, lack of dynamics, humourlessness – but Spunk are alert to the dangers. Bold, sometimes witty, always alert, they make engaging music, and keep the sound of surprise alive. They have no fear of bringing the music to the brink of anarchy – they are interested in extremes as well as subtleties – but their instincts as composers-in-action also serve them well. Most of all, perhaps, Spunk convince by the force of their own convictions. As Maja Ratkje says: “Music has to be strong. It deals with communication in an extremely direct fashion, within its own language. This is something that makes it vulnerable, but also, potentially, a bearer of great poetic power.”

Released 27.04.09

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  1. Tremble
  2. The Lake
  3. Bipolarity
  4. Quadrologue
  5. Antisolar Point
  6. Mosegrodd
  7. Ankomst
  8. Ute
  9. Eaten
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