2008; dur: 6'; Electronic

SONIC VISTA is a project by Nuproductions in cooperation with Stavanger2008. 10 benches designed by Mil Strivovik and produced by the company Ranso are placed at various sites in the Stavanger area. They contain a mp3 player in each armrest. Plug your headset and they start playing music which is specially composed for this bench.

The composers are: Biosphere, Goodiepal, Nils Henrik Asheim, David Toop, Kim Cascone, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Hai Nguyen Dinh ( Next Life), Maja Ratkje, Kaada and Sten Ove Toft.

“Breathe” was also released on Rune Grammofon’s celebratory album [intlink id=”2049″ type=”post”]Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep[/intlink] with various RG artists, released in 2010.

“Maja Ratkje, känd från noiseduon Fe-mail och som allround experimentalist i många olika konstellationer, använder sin expressiva röst i stycket “Breathe”. Som ofta, är Ratkjes verk nyskapande och engagerande. Här är det häxeri på hög nivå. Allt låter som att hon hittat en bortglömd trollformel i de djupa norska skogarna eller som ett hedniskt stridsrop i ett land som rent moraliskt vittrat sönder under kristendomens ok. Skrämmande och imponerande, men ibland faktiskt plågsamt att lyssna på.” (Carl Abrahamsson, Tidningen Kulturen)

I will share a secret with you, and that is the link between “Breathe” and the cover I did for the Prince compilation (that was banned!) where I made a version of his song “solo”. When I made Breath, I just muted the vocal and saxophone track and made another vocal track! (Did some editing and remixing of course too, but but that much.)
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