From mouth cavity to laptop

A double CD to follow the Swedish sound art LARM book with the same title. 24 tracks that span 60 years, including both unreleased tracks and new material from Lisa Jeannin, Ruth Bakke, Hertta Lussu Ässä and Kukkiva Poliisi, Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg, Annika Ström and more. Includes Lotta Melin/Maja Ratkje: “As the talk goes on” from the vinyl record Illegal Parking, for the first time now on CD.

Tracklist (CD 1):

1. Lisa Dillan – Komprisasjon
2. Kristine Scholz/Mats Persson – Duchamp: La Mariée mise à nu par ses…
3. Eva Sjuve – Mono-n
4. Kira Kira – Drakúla darling
5. Sonja Åkesson – Neeijjj
6. Hanna Hartman – Inre sprickor uppkommer i den senare delen…
7. Anna Carin Hedberg/Ebba Moi – Forandringer i det norske landskapet
8. Annika Ström – I don´t know what to sing
9. Hertta Lussu – Ässä Likainen pöytälampunjalka
10. Tanja Stasia Schlander – Flex Fitte/Mr.3P/Mr.Lopa-I am a top-dog…
11. Thurídur Jónsdóttir – Installation around a heart

Tracklist (CD 2):

1. Lisa Jeannin – Vilhelm live in Hamburg
2. Ruth Bakke – Sphaerae
3. Christina Eriksson Fredriksson – Harangue # 11
4. Fia Backström – I want to break free
5. Kukkiva Poliisi – Pörahtelevän miliisin aamupamppu
6. Lise-Lotte – Norelius Isola 78
7. Else Marie Pade – Syv cirkler
8. Lotta Melin/Maja Ratkje – As the talk goes on
9. Solvej Dufour Andersen – I love you
10. Astrid Lomholt – Track 1, Singing with the city
11. Ovro – Mortal strangers
12. KOEFF – Mental dry cleaner
13. Ann Lislegaard – Cornerpiece-the space between us

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