Women Take Back The Noise

A compilation, showcases a collection of 47 women artists worldwide who experiment with sound in various ways, ranging from ambient-organic to quirky-glitch-beat to harsh or extreme noise, as well as categories yet to be defined. The finished release of three discs is a limited edition of 1,000 in custom-made circuit bent packaging. Fe-mail is contributing with the track: [intlink id=”3131″ type=”post”]”They look as innocent as new-born lambs. The sick fucks.”[/intlink]

The Wire July 2007: “(…)Fe-mail’s “They Look As Innocent As [Newborn] Lambs. The Sick Fucks” tops it all with a five minute spasm that feels like being thrown into violent waters and grasping for air. The sheer visceral force of this track makes your heart palpitate with euphoric agitation.” (Anne Hilde Neset)

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