Carrying Our Ears and Eyes in Small Bags

2006; dur: 50′; A performance by [intlink id="1846" type="page"]Agrare[/intlink] and Kathy Hinde

Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” provided the inspiration for this work. Central to it is a sense of yearning: a longing for love, for work and for a different place in the world symbolized by the longing for Moscow – an unachievable goal. But it is this yearning, too, that sustains life in a monotonous and idle everyday existence. An absurd notion about love and moods in which energy that is waiting to be unleashed achieves new musical strength. The choreographed composition generates an interaction between music and movement. Movement becomes music and music is the language of motion; explosive, chaotic, controlled. The three huge video projections show parts from both pre-recorded material and live action from the performers with wireless cameras.

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