Vox ex machina

Curated by Jaap Blonk this is volume 15 in the Leonardo Music Journal CD series. Selections include ‘Kana’ by Tomomi Adachi, ‘O Som Que Circula Nas Veia’ by Americo Jorge M. Rodrigues, excerpt from ‘Mushroom Clouds’ by Christian Bok, ‘Vielleicht’ by Sprechakte X/treme, ‘OOA’ by Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre, ‘… due Giorni Dopp’ by Ricardo Dal Farra, ‘Al Amin Dada’ by Jelle Meander, ‘En Do’ by Jorg Piringer, ‘Eighteen Earrers’ by Kenneth Goldsmith, ‘Voix Imprrsonel’ by Julien Ottavi, ‘Juicy Cantata’ by Daniel Goode, ‘Extraordinary Voyages’ by Anne-James Chaton, excerpt from ‘Synth Loops’ by Christian Bok, and ‘May Rap Bonk Bonk (Majaap Pudding Mix)’ by Lasse Marhaug. The CD is included with the journal.

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