Voice, live in zagreb

A concert recording of Voice, live in Zagreb 2005, in duo with John Hegre, limited CD-R release for tour in China of 49 copies, all signed and numbered.

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4 Responses to Voice, live in zagreb

  1. admin says:

    Dear Martin, this album is since long very sold out. I’ll consider putting it out on SoundCloud in the future.

  2. martin hollergschwandner says:

    hi Maja
    have you one copy from cd live in Zagreb
    pay with pay pal please account
    many thanks martin

  3. admin says:

    There’s no mp3 available at the moment.

  4. derek piotr says:

    Hi Maja

    you don’t have mp3 of this audio do you?

    would be nice if you could mail me…thanks

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