VSG / Erwartung

12″ with music by Maja Ratkje, covered with broken glass plates 27 x 27 x 0,6 cm by Monica Bonvicini. Edition of 100, each unique plus 30 a.p. Signed & numbered on a certificate.


Vital Weekly, number 447, week 45:
“Maja Ratkje can no longer be described as the upcoming lady of Norwegian Noise. After her work with Fe-Mail and Lasse Marhaug, as well as her solo work, she’s already the leading lady of Norwegian Noise. ‘Erwartung’ (a beautiful German word bytheway, meaning ‘hope’) has two LP sides of her voice improvisations. This is less about noise, I must warn the lovers of noise and more about sound poetry – but poetry of no words. She uses her voice to make breathing sounds and carefully plays around with silence. Electronics play only a small part in this particular work, and is only there to form an occassional backdrop which she uses to make her improvisations, with a growing intensity on the b-side. Nice record, even when it’s a bit too much on the esoteric side for my taste. This LP comes with a broken glass plate by Monica Bonvicini.”

Artist link: Monica Bonvicini

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