Dissolution Tapes

Zeromoon: “Lets face it, most compilations suck, are filled with half-assed throw away tracks by name artists and filler by unknowns reinventing the wheel for the umpteenth time. This is were Dissolution Tapes differs. In order to maintain a stylistic consistency of music and challenge the contributors, musical themes recorded by Normal Music’s secret alter ego, The MCE, were given to every participant. Its sort of a remix CD but beyond that in how attention was paid to the overall disk in terms of flow and composition creating a unified release of new and challenging music. Artists include: Cornucopia, Alexei Borisov, Anton Nikkila, Freiband, Ultra Milkmaids, Violet, Jacob Kirkegaard, Maja Ratkje, Kotra, Dead Letters, Andrey Kiritchenko, Das Torpedoes, Michael Gendreau, R.R. Habarc, Francisco Lopez, Rechord, Fe-Mail.”

On this record:

[intlink id="3251" type="post"]Malodorous Drains[/intlink] by Ratkje
[intlink id="3256" type="post"]Anomalous Stains[/intlink] by Fe-mail

“Zeromoon releases material on a regular basis. One of the full-length albums by this label run by Jeffrey Surak is a compilation entitled Dissolution tapes. Musical themes recorded by Normal Music’s secret alter ego., the MCE, were given to no less than 17 artists to contribute with a remix. Some very known musicians from all over the globe, like among others Jacob Kirkegaard from Denmark, the Dutch project Freiband, Ultra Milkmaids and the Norwegian composer Maja Ratkja are presented here. Andrey Kiritchenko delivered one of the most harmonic tracks. Jacob Kirkegaard operates in the same vein with a piano-like electronic interlude, whereas Freiband and Kotra’s tracks are deep and droning. Also dark, though more ambient is the piece by R.R. Habarc and Deep letters spell out Dead Words. Michael Gendreau uses static, white noise as starting point for his composition. Francesco Lopez contributed almost eight minutes of several dark & static noise fragments. Maja Ratkje offers a nice dynamic wall of sound. Each track is different from the previous one. Though all have a high quality.” PHOSPHOR magazine 2004

“Dissolution Tapes requires effort but rewards accordingly. Still, it should not be approached as the companion disc to Disonancias y Repeticiones Ambiguas, unless you plan on seriously expanding your horizons.” François Couture, All-Music Guide

“listen to this compilation whole in one breath, it’s worth it.” Vital Weekly



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