All Men Are Pigs

Gameboy Records: “sounds surface from all over the map. i hear voice, some synths, effects galore. this is a noisy affair not unlike (and maybe even more so than) fe-mail’s debut – recently issued on cd by important records. the melee brings to mind sudden infant’s work, but with more ferocity. if you’re into the recent sounds out of norway, this one is sure to please. edition of 500. fancy jewel case, shrinkwrap & everything. cover (all the art actually) by british artist rik rawling.”

Recorded mostly in February 2002 in SPUNK studio. Mastering, editing and final mix by The Swine.
1. Oh, you gritty thing
2. In the slicer with Lasse Neuf
3. Charmed
4. Run Jimmy, run!
5. Fresh from the flesh, on a bed of roses
6. Here’s that rainy day, Sid Hendrix’ last grunt

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