Music for Loving

Bottrop-Boy: “Second collaboration between Norwegian masters of noise Maja Ratkje (Spunk, Fe-Mail) and Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer, Del) after their 2002 vinyl-only album Music For Shopping on Synesthetic Records. Music For Loving is wild, frantic, nervous, loud, delirious and scattered all over the place. The perfect music to listen to with your loved one.”

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1. A Hymn, My Be Classified As Influenced By Baroque

2. Sliced Minimalist Meets Sheep & Easy, Cool & Dancing Diva

3. Interference; Swapped, Stripped & Fucked

4. Stuck In The Sheep Field With Dancing Siva

5. 4-23, A Tribute To Arnold Schönberg In Heavy Syrup

6. Let It Be

7. Music For Loving

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