Voice reviewed by Pitchfork

“Undisputedly the best record of 2002 that I didn’t hear until 2003, Maja Ratkje’s Voice is a relentlessly creative treatise on the possibilities of vocal expression and manipulation. Using only her voice and subtle electronic touches, Ratkje’s debut solo album delivers a range of sounds beyond the grasp of most multi-member ensembles, and in the process, seemingly creates a whole new genre of music. The hyper pitter-patter of “Acid” unwinds at light speed, while “Trio” sounds as if three small animals are involved in a death match. Best yet is the amazing final track, “Insomnia”, beginning as manic white noise and then exploding into utter bedlam. Ratkje’s wall of shrieks is iron-fist power on par with the most disastrous Merzbow howl before she releases it, and with an offhanded chuckle the piece dissolves into ambient hypnosis. I think I’m in love.” (Dominique Leone)

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