100 artists submited very short pieces that were randomly assigned numbers and then merged into one track. These pieces cover all subgenres of sound from field recordings to harsh blasts. IDM meets electro-acoustic meets home taper. Some of the 100 artists: SPUNK, (x,y,z), fe-mail, merzbow, haters, reynols, matmos, aube, runzelstirn & gurgelstock, bastard noise, hrvatski, alan licht, neil campbell, sudden infant, kazumoto endo, amps for christ. many other gmby friends & family… insane. Limited to 650.

GB34: one-sided 7”

“This record (one side only) ‘is one track made of one-hundred individual pieces. Tracks were randomly assigned numbers as we received them‘ the cover says. I could write a nice lengthy review of who is all present on this 7” but instead I won’t mention any names. I think it’s sufficient to say that it’s almost an encyclopedia of noise artists, with some unlikely appearances aswell (Bjork related…). The concept, however, is great fun. All of the small pieces last four seconds and are stuck together in maybe a random composition, or maybe not. He who compiled listened with great care to the pieces before sticking them together. The whole thing breathes the ghost of John Cage, even when the sounds here are twelve times longer then in his famous ‘Williams Mix.’ A small record like this also reminds the listener of such luminary projects as The Mixed Band Philanthropist LP or similar records by P16.D4. Therefore ‘Soun’ is a project that fits a long tradition and maybe comes to a natural conclusion. It’s about time that the internet takes over for audio exchange.”

– Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly

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