Syklubb fra Hælvete (LP)

Debut album, released on pink vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies, now sold out. Made through pure improvisation with no pre-recorded sound at the starting point. Old school noise. Thurston Moore loves it: “Out of Norway comes the most exciting noise LP I’ve heard to date. These two women romp thru stimulating noise compositions fresh and clean w/ a distinct Scandinavian frost. But there’s always an undercurrent of warm embrace, sweet and masterful.”

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Fe-mail’s music is characterized by the use of old fashioned, analogue electronic and acoustic sound sources such as pan pipes, harmonica, and other underestimated instruments.

Released on [intlink id=”3789″ type=”post”]CD[/intlink] by Important Records in 2004.

On pink vinyl:

1. Jacob’s Toy
2. Syklubb fra Hælvete
3. Modogin
4. Nincompoop

5. Gossip
6. Residents
7. Water Music
8. A Merry Day in the Woods

Recorded in SPUNK studio and at BLÅ

Fe-mail: Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje & Hild Sofie Tafjord

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