2000-02; Solo album, co-produced by Jazzkammer (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug)

Concept and only sound source: Maja’s voice.

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Recorded in the Emmanuel Vigeland’s mausoleum, on a roof, in two basements, in an elevator, in SPUNK studio, in oh brother/sund studios and in a parking house.

Recorded on a Gemini tape recorder, hard disk, dictaphone, minidisk and different samplers.

Text material on track 1 by Jon Øystein Flink, text material on track 7 by Flink/Ratkje, all other texts and nonsense by Ratkje.

Mixed and edited in Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Paris.

Background: Maja and Jazzkammer met at a workshop with Otomo Yoshihide in Oslo April 2000. Maja was then already working on a remix of Jazzkammer for their coming album “rolex”, and Jazzkammer was already friends with Maja’s group SPUNK. At this first meeting together, they decided to do an album based on Maja’s voice. Two years later the album was finished.

Track list:

1. Intro2. Joy3. Trio
4. Octo
5. Vacuum
6. Dictaphone Jam
7. Voice
8. Chipmunk Party
9. Interlude
10. Acid

11. Insomnia

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