The Builders / Innbyggerne -et byggesett

2002; dur:40'; Dance performance by Odd Johan Fritzøe,
Norwegian text by Cecilie Løveid,
electronic music by Fe-mail.

Choreography: Odd Johan Fritzøe

Music: Fe-mail

Set design: Karl Hansen

Texts: Cecilie Løveid

Costumes: Svein Hove Kirkhorn

Dancers: Thomas Gundersen, Odd Johan Fritzøe

Premiere on 11th October 2002 at Black Box Theater, Oslo, during ULTIMA Festival.

Toured in Norway and Iceland (around 200 venues)

The dancers play at arranging again and again eight abstract monochrome sculptures providing eight sound channels, to the live sound mix of composer duo Maka Ratkje and Hild Tafjord – “Fe-Mail”-. This piece was created for children with an audience surrounding the stage, and has delighted children in more than 200 venues in Norway and Iceland.

Photo: Christian Elgvin

Design: Månelyst

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