Filtered Through Friends

“Central artists from Norway’s flowering electronica and noise scene join forces to remix female chamber anarchist quartet SPUNK, the source being the group’s debut album from 1999, “Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger”. Contributions from Martin Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist), Kim Hiorthøy, Upper Rooms, Phonophani, Svalastog, Kristin Andersen (SPUNK), (x,y,z), Andreas Meland (Düplo), Jørgen Træen, Sun Demon, Risto Holopainen, Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer) and Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist, Rotoscope)”

Record link:
Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger
(x,y,z): Risto Holopainen, Maja S. K. Ratkje and Asbjørn Flø.

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