I Hate Cars (Super Chicken Floppy Willy in a PPP Swimsuit)

rolex2000; dur: 4’30”; Electronic; Remix of Jazzkammer

On the record Rolex, released by Smalltown Supersound in 2001.

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Brainwashed: “Perhaps the most curious of the Norwegian tracks is the silly ‘I Hate Cars (Super Chicken Floppy Willy in a PPP Swimsuit)’ from Maja S.K. Ratkje during which she splices up maniacal laughter with grinding soundcard flotsam and rapid peak and trough tough noise edits. It rises to a succinctly effective crescendo that puts the more well known noiseniks in the shade.” Graeme Rowland.

Losingtoday: “As scary as it is testing, ‘Rolex’ offers no reprieve from the maelstrom of sonic violence, electronic voidness and eerie festivities. When it’s noisy, which it often is, it’s like a bloodbath scene from a Hitchcock horror, when it’s quiet it parades with equal menace like the lull before the storm.(…)Maja S.K. Ratkje offer up the deeply unsettling ‘I hate Cars’, the mischievous and impish laughter contrasts with the chilled schizophrenic backdrop of horror style electronica.” Mark Barton.

Vital Weekly: “Nifty cut ups and some funky loops. Someone is actually laughing until noise blasts in. A very exciting track.”

Preik: “Det er nok primitivt å innrømme det, men det som umiddelbart bergtar meg på denne skiva, er de to “remiksene” som er høyest og sykest, nemlig de til Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (Spunk m.m.) og Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth o.a.). Frijazz, latter, fusion, disco, tannlegeboring, Willy Nickersen-køttøpp, skrik og anti-musikk er det som frisker meg opp mellom akademiske dataøvelser(…)” Sindre Andersen.

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