21 Marches for the 21st Century

The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs invited 21 composers from Norway and abroad to each compose a march for marching band – hence 21 Marches for the 21st Century. Marches are very much a living tradition among many bands in Norway and abroad, but the repertoire is often rather retrospective in character. The Council for cultural affairs hopes that these 21 new marches will tempt amateur and professional bands alike to use a new repertoire both in their many concerts and when the bands are out marching. Who is to say that the march does not have a future as a musical genre? The project is a joint venture between the seven professional military bands of the Norwegian Armed Forces, the record company Simax and Norsk Noteservice A.


[intlink id=”5295″ type=”post”]69 Marching Bars of Leftovers From an Old Century[/intlink] – Maja Ratkje
A Fugue on a march – Bjørn Kruse
Beyond Bayat – Dagfinn Koch
Bye-Bygone-party March – Bojidar Spassov
CharM – Helge Sunde
En Pessant – Thierry De Mey
Fremad March -Knut Vaage
Gammel nr. 2000 – Kjell Samkopf
Happy hour for UBC –  Erkii-Sven Tüür
Khaam – Rune Rebne
Knakk – Håkon Berge
Later On – Torgrim Sollid
Ma-Moon – Olav Berg
March Paralelle – Tryggvi Baldvinsson
Marche Militaire – Stephen Montague
Please Shut Up! – Frank T. Nordensten
Strike-up’s for Band on Strike – Ole Henrik Moe
Tarmo – Lotta Wennäkoski
Trauermarsch – Eivind Buene
Un-characteristic march – Michael Finnissy
Va Bene – Magnar Åm

(19/21 are by male composers… shame, shame!)
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