Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger

Rune Grammofon: “Improvisation from four young female musicians with backgrounds from jazz, classical, contemporary, rock and country. Weird, wonderful and completely beyond categorisation, the quartet was formed in 1995. This is their debut recording.”

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1. tapeunderlaget 2. hornkonserten 3. septemberunderlaget 4. thing that 5. akershus

This album is also remixed. See [intlink id=”5073″ type=”post”]Filtered Through Friends[/intlink]

lyrics – “thing that”

and girls but what too
all out books him three his soon
beats thing that
do should has don’t true well
soon you him why love forget
my thing that
bet cold got no there’s
got as hero can I man
soon why isn’t

books not of looks a likes
him likes good or tired or but
soon why isn’t
why cost with wet one why
me lot but likes
likes it but know
likes lot but cold
it’s I’ve he why

it’s amazingly clear
I’m fair in a square(can’t you hear)
all my life is just despair
but I don’t care
when my face is lost in space
the world is bright
all right
never (ever) gonna (wanna) be blond or tall
or a hero out of books
that I can love and cherish
sugar on a string
what do you bring
forever more

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